Smile Teeth! We all have the power to protect it!

They say, “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and even your near ones desert you.”

Smile is perhaps one element that has received the most poetic offerings and connotations from centuries. There are n number of adjectives that describe the appearance of a smile- crooked, sullen, pleasant, wide, fake, beautiful, angelic….so on and so forth.

smile teeth

There are many phrases too that come to one’s mind- million dollar smile, a smile that can capture the stoniest of hearts etc. These are just few phrases one could find in pages of novels and story books describing the beauty of the female protagonist.

One’s smile is one’s asset as that is one feature what someone notices in anyone the very first thing. There are many ways that can come to one’s aide, in their endeavor to have that perfect smile. There are many domestically available natural and organic ingredients too that can help in keeping those pearly whites from yellowing. Read on to find out ways to enhance that beautiful and unique smile:

Kick the butt:
Smoking gives the person a momentary high, but it gives permanent damage to the teeth, gums and enamel. It also causes mouth and throat cancer. The contents of a cigarette make your teeth get stains that can go away through polishing or teeth whitening treatments.

Drink chamomile tea:
Chamomile tea has many health benefits. One of them is it strengthens teeth all thanks to its fluorine content.

Vitamin C and malic acid are present in strawberries that contribute in retaining the white color of teeth. Mold a simple bowl of strawberries into something exciting, like say a smoothie or a milk shake! Do this and in no time you would have ensured not only whitening of your teeth but also strengthening them for the long run.

The glass of milk:
Yes, you read that right! A glass of milk not only strengthens the bones in your body, but also protects gums and teeth from becoming infested with various disorders. If you are a health conscious individual, then go in for skimmed milk which is loaded with fewer calories.

Make water your best friend:
In the quest of having naturally white and pretty teeth, do not forget about maintaining your water intake habits. Drink plenty of water, as water has fluoride that prevents and inhibits decaying of teeth. So do not forget to drink optimum amounts of water.

Chewing gum:
Chewing gum for one is not a harmful factor when it comes to your teeth. Obviously it is beneficial only if you go for sugar-free ones! Chewing gums actually have cavity-fighting features. Studies show that, chewing gum neutralizes the acid content in the food you ate and normalize flow of saliva in the mouth. Moreover, the cavity creation is stopped all thanks to Xylitol that is present in artificially sweetened chewing gums. Moreover, gum also helps to remove the food particles that get stuck in teeth.

Black coffee could be a friend:
Black coffee could be a friend, provided it does not contain even an ounce of sugar or sweetener. Sweeteners, sugar or cream have a tendency to nullify the advantages plain coffee grants.Studies show that black coffee delays decaying of teeth and build up of plaque. This makes black coffee your friend. Also, coffee beans are known to possess antibacterial properties.

There is might be very few humans on this planet who dislike cheese in their diet! Cheese-lovers have another reason to rejoice! Cheese improves production of saliva in your mouth. All thanks to cheese it reduces formation of cavities and builds up a protective layer of enamel over the teeth.

Keep away from sugary foods:
Artificially sweetened foods like candies, chocolates, toffees, health drinks, processed juices etc. are a bane for your teeth even though you get a temporary high. Sugary snacks also should be avoided at all costs.

Appointments with the dentist:
Schedule regular appointments with your dentist, as periodic cleaning with surgical instruments is essential for protecting your dental health along with the other home remedies you exercise for keeping your teeth healthy. Also have a discussion with your dentist about the prospect of different cleansing treatments available and the best alternative for you.

Dental treatments:
Dental treatments like braces can help you in getting an even better smile, if you have crooked teeth that is. Braces are of different types and can improve the appearance of your teeth aesthetically. Again discussing this with your dentist is the best option for undergoing implant of braces.

It will do a world of good to you, if you steer clear of beverages like alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas or atleast reduce frequency of its intake. These beverages are sugary and also have the ability to stain your teeth. Whenever possible make use of a straw to sip these beverages and prevent them from having a direct impact on your teeth.

Hygienic habits:
Maintaining hygienic habits and cleansing routines is the secret for having strong teeth in the long run. Flossing and brushing your teeth twice or after having drunk alcohol or caffeinated beverages are few of the habits one needs to incorporate.

Your teeth are noticed no matter how high end clothes or shoes you wear. So taking care of them is what you should keep in priority. Taking care of your dental health does not at all require you to invest a lot of time, money or energy. The measures you take for safeguarding your teeth becomes a part of your daily routine in no time.

Moreover, finding all the above mentioned products is also easy as most of them are available in the house itself or in the nearest departmental store. Treatment of dental cleaning basically is an option for people on whom natural cleansing agents haven’t worked out any well.

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