Skin Problem, Types of Skin Diseases and Treatments

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General Skin Problems and its Treatments

Skin act as the outer shell to your body, and suffer a lot. This outer skin go through chemicals, infections, cuts, scrapes, and sunlight which constantly harm skin, over and above sweaty gym session put skin into more trouble. Gaining flawless skin is possible, but it takes efforts. Here are some common skin problems which men suffered and their treatments.


Whenever you are exposed to UV (Ultraviolet) rays you might encounter this disease. Some guys hardly ever turn lobster red-if you are a person with more of a brown pigment called melanin then there are chances you might not encounter this disease as melanin protects the skin from UV radiation but, if you have fair skin then in that case you might have to take some precautions. Everyone can benefit from prevention strategies like daily sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats, even in the winter. But when damage is done and you need a quick relief for painful sunburn, reach for vitamin E. “For any kind of skin trauma, applying vitamin E twice a day helps the skin heal itself.

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Razor Burn

Razor burn may give you a few hours of discomfort and a red face, or it can give you irritating rashes with infected blisters and pimples lasting several days. Shaving technique’s probably not your problem—by now you might have mastered how much pressure you need to apply to remove those hairs without harming your skin. But some common blunders can result in feeling the burn. Here is something you can do; Wash your face in warm water before you shave, use new, sharp, razor blades (or clean blades with an electric shaver), apply lubricant such as soap or shave gel, and always shave in two or three days while hair are short.

If any harm as occurred the following you can do; Rub on an aloe-based cortisone cream or soothing aftershave lotion infused with vitamin E extracts which will reduce redness. It’ll work better than plain moisturizer.


A disease that affects your skin’s oil glands. Acne is the most common skin disease; an estimated 80 percent of all people have acne at some point. Most of us don’t know that changing hormones is one of the reason in your childhood of getting acne. Some other reasons can be humidity, heat, oil, sweat. Best way to keep acne away is to eat less oily food, keeping your face clean, including green veggie in your diet. Another thing to keep in mind that excessive washing of face also one of the reason of acne.


Eczema doesn’t sound that bad, but whatever you do but never scratch. Scratching exposes skin to infections; it also reddens skin and makes it swell, crack, ooze, crust, scale, and/or thicken. People even find difficulty while sleeping or concentrate, and they itch constantly said by Dr. Donald Y. M. Leung. Stress or dry climates can contribute to outbreaks in sensitive people, he adds. There are many ways to get rid of eczema: topical steroid creams, massage, phototherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, Vitamin-D, hypnotherapy, and antihistamines; if used these it will certainly help you to relief from the itchyness.

Dark Circles

The skin under your eyes is delicate and can be affected by not getting proper sleep so late night gym-sessions, watching movie, stressing eye on your smartphone may bring dark circles on your face if not noted on time may increase the dark circle and may remain permanently. Mom and dad are mostly liable for this inherited trait, but a lack of sleep and poor diet only make it worse.

Dark circles can be cured by eating more nutrient and fiber rich fruits and vegetables mainly green vegetables, drinking water, and performing yoga or exercising —it’ll reduce your dark circles, and will improve overall skin health. You can try one simple and easy do-it-yourself remedy by place a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes to distress your eyes and to soothe your delicate skin near your eye.


Wrinkles means skin getting thinner, drier, and less elastic. Since you can’t go back in time, you can protect your skin from further damage by adopting few suggestion Number one priority: ban cigarettes. Even if you were a chain-smoker in your back days, quitting it now will help to prevent future wrinkles. Protect your skin from the sun rays by wearing hats and sunscreen, even in winter. And rub on a moisture every night before bed.

One thing every man in their 20’s and 30’s can do is to take good care of their skin now to prevent the onset of wrinkles.

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