Silymarin Benefits: Silymarin Extract and Silymarin Dosage For Liver

Silymarin is found have very mild side effects. But in some cases patients may experience serious adverse effects. Except this it is considered as safe in general. Very few interactions and contraindications are listed for silymarin.

It is the main ingredient found in milk thistle extract. Milk thistle is in use from centuries. Its usage can be seen even in traditional medicine. Almost all milk thistle extracts including silymarin are generally well tolerated and found to have very minor side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort.

Better to check with doctor whether it is contraindicated for the individual. Adverse effects can be avoided by using the supplement with food, by following appropriate dosage. Silymarin is also very safe to use.

Silymarin Benefits For Liver

It is composed of several flavonoids and flavonolignans. It includes silydianin, sylibin, and silychristin. So these constituents collectively form silymarin. It is reported that silymarin is the most therapeutically active among all the components of milk thistle extract.

Earlier it was just used as a tonic for the health of liver. Then studies have proved that it can be very effective in the treatment of almost all liver disorders, including cirrhosis, fatty liver disease and toxic hepatitis.

Silymarin Extract For Liver

Silymarin is also effective in skin related issues. Skin is the biggest organ and more exposed than any other organ. One of the most common and problematic skin issue known is psoriasis. This is caused by impure blood.

Toxins in the blood stream are responsible for these types of skin disorders. Impure blood is the result of liver issues. If the liver is functioning properly then there won’t be any toxins in blood stream. Silymarin is very effective in treating liver issues. So even psoriasis treatment can include appropriate amount of silymarin.

Silymarin can also be used in treating overweight issues. This issue is also dealt with making liver more healthy. If the liver is looking after the excess fat generated there will not be any weight issues. Silymarin can indirectly effect this by accelerating and improving liver functions. So weight loss diet plans can include silymarin in their list.

Silymarin Dosage For Liver

When used along with other herbs silymarin is effective in the treatment of menopause and it can stimulate menstrual flow. Now people started using it even for diabetes, dyspepsia, hangover and allergic rhinitis.

Silymarin can influence bile solubility. It has effects on enzymes productions in the body. So this property of sylimarin is useful in the treatment of the people suffering from gallstones.

Patients suffering from poisoning due to A phalloides can use silymarin. Children survival rate after poisoning by A phalloids is very low. But by the treatment using silymarin this rate can be increased. It is very effective in humans poisoned by phenothiazines and butyrophenones.

All these cases treatment should be done as early as possible. Then only silymarin can work effectively. The extract used for all these poisoning treatment is known as silibinin. It is a silymarin constituent.

It is very active component of milk thistle extract among all the flavonolignans. This can prevent all the severe injuries which results by poisoning. Suggested dose in this case is 33mg/kg/day.

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