Signs You Need Cataract Surgery

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Having healthy eyes is extremely important as it can help to ensure that you are able to see clearly for the rest of your life. One eye condition that a lot of people develop with age is a cataract, which is a situation in which the lens of your eye begins to become cloudier. As a cataract tends to get worse as time goes on, having them repaired with cataract surgery is very important. There are several signs that you may have cataracts that require this procedure.

Vision is Blurry or Cloudy

One of the most common signs that someone has cataracts is if their eyes become blurry or cloudy out of nowhere. If you have traditionally had good and clear vision and suddenly notice that there are periods when your vision is more cloudy than normal, you should have your eyes checked out to see if you have cataracts. Also, if you notice that your eyes continue to get worse and you need a progressively stronger prescription each year, it may be due to cataracts.

Light Sensitivity

Another sign that you have cataracts is if you have light sensitivity. Having some level of light sensitivity is normal, particularly if you are going from a dark room to a bright outdoor space. However, if you are not able to adjust to your surroundings within a few minutes and are not able to enjoy the sun without sunglasses, you may have cataracts that need to be repaired with surgery.

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Vision Oddities

Those that have cataracts also tend to report other strange oddities with their vision. When you have cataracts, it can impact your ability to see color. Due to this, some people will start to notice a yellow or light brown tinge, and the appearance of other colors could change as well. You may even notice some slight changes to the color of your eyes.

When you have a cataract, you may also notice that you have double vision or are seeing halos in your vision. Due to the importance of your eyes and overall vision health, if you notice any changes or abnormalities with your vision, it is important to be checked for cataracts as soon as you can.

If you do believe that you have cataracts, it is important that you have the necessary procedure done as soon as you can. When you receive surgery or other care recommended by your optometrist, it can help to ensure that your eyes and vision remain clear and healthy.

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