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5 Ways Running Keeps Your Both Body and Soul Healthy

Numerous studies have already confirmed that regular and consistent running can keep your body healthy, but would you believe that it can keep your soul alive and energized, too? Of course, it’s hard to prove how the soul is being benefited by exercise, but to simplify things, let’s just say that the soul is that inner relaxed and happy feeling you get when you’re happy, physically healthy and living a balanced life.

In this article, we will list down at least 5 of the ways that running and other exercises can keep your body and soul healthy. We will show you some of the supporting evidence that could verify how exercise affects your well-being in more ways than one. Let’s start.

#1. Keeps Body Organs Functioning Well
Exercise is to your body what rain is to the trees and the grass all over the world. Exercise is what feeds your body and keeps it nourished and functioning well every day. Also, experts suggest that the big contribution of running to one’s body is that it keeps all the body organs from deteriorating and keeps them always stimulated. A stimulated body will help keep the muscle tissues robust and will keep the heart functioning properly. Your immune system also gets a full boost when you do simple exercises, including yoga, aerobics, and pilates. There’s also enough evidence that can show how regularly running for at least 30 minutes a day can help aid better digestion in your body.

It would also be useful for you to know that doing regular exercises such as running and stationary jogging even in your home could prevent your body from experiencing life-threatening illnesses and diseases, including heart ailments, stroke, and even diabetes. Did you also know that exercise helps your body increase its endurance levels, giving you the right and high amount of energy you need to accomplish your daily tasks?

#2. Healthy Pumping Heart
Evidence from Darren Warburton in a journal published in NCBI suggests that when you exercise, you get your heart pumping extra levels of blood into your vital organs, including the brain. When this happens, more oxygen gets into the different internal organs, and new cells are being regenerated. This is very ideal for your brain’s optimal functioning and your vital organs’ high-level of performance.

#3. Fight Against Obesity
We can’t deny it: one of the causes of death today is obesity. The fact that there are so many sugar-filled drinks anyone can easily buy at cafes makes this situation worse. Obesity today is one common problem that everyone in the world faces; it doesn’t discriminate based on wealth, status or race. With the help of a healthy diet and regular exercises such as running, you may be able to combat this risk and extend your life. When you exercise, you boost your metabolism and increase your body’s fat-burning mechanism in order to transform the sugar from the food you eat into glucose, which is a useful fuel to get your body moving.


You should also know that when you get older, the metabolism rate of your body drops, which makes it harder for you to burn fuel for your body’s daily functions. When this happens, you need to do something to provide a catalyst for your metabolism. Running is one example of a good catalyst to increase your body’s metabolic rate to what it once was. This means that when you’re older, it’s highly even necessary for you to engage in daily exercises, such as running. Exercise in this age couldn’t be more important.

Lowered metabolic rate means that you’re more prone to being obese. You may think that it’s not that bad of a problem to have, but you should remember that when you’re obese, your problem doesn’t just stop there. Obesity leads to all kinds of physical ailments and conditions that could be life-threatening. Some of these problems include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. Isn’t this enough of a reason why you should go start running a few minutes every day?


#4. Exercise Calms The Spirit
Whether you’re running on a tread mill or running in a marathon every year, running helps you feel mentally and spiritually well. Evidence from National Library of Medicine suggests that many people who engage in running think that they’re spiritually well, healthy and relaxed, making them feel what people feel when they meditate. The practical way to measure whether one is spiritually healthy is to assess anxiety levels and mental health. To add to that, being focused and lessened the feeling of depression is also a good indicator that one’s spiritual health is put on check. That said, running has been proven by many testimonials to be a helpful way to keep all these factors always regulated and monitored.


#5. Healthy Cardiovascular Functioning
Experts show that physical inactivity is a leading but modifiable risk factor for people to get cardiovascular diseases. There’s also enough evidence to support that many of the chronic diseases that people suffer today have a lot to do with lack of exercise. In fact, bone and joint diseases and hypertension could be prevented with exercise, such as running. People who suffer from osteoporosis and even cancer could also somehow lower the pain and physical symptoms they endure by engaging in running a few minutes every day. If they’re unable to do so, doing brisk walking could still contribute the same amount of help to one’s body.

Summary and Conclusion
Indeed, running is such a powerful and affordable tool that you can use to combat life-threatening diseases today. You could also feel spiritually and mentally healthy just by engaging in running a few minutes every day. In this article, you also learned some of the critical studies and journal reports that could verify the power of running into improving your health.


We also discussed in this write-up the leading diseases and physical ailments that could be easily avoided by engaging in running activities. That said, running is not just a way to make you feel physically healthy, but it’s also a way to lift your spirits.

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