How To Reach Your Ultimate Fitness !

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What is strength training?: According to the proper definition, strength training is a method of improving muscular strength by slowly improving the ability to defy force through the use of free weights, any sorts of machines or the person’s body weight.

In simpler words, strength training basically makes your muscles stronger and more toned by training it to overcome more resistance in the form of external weights or body weight.

Does strength training help you in losing weight?

The golden rule for losing weight is that you consume less calories than you burn. While diet plays the major role in this expedition, exercise comes in as the second most vital step.

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Most people opt for basic cardio exercises like walking, running or swimming to lose that excess flab on their bodies. Many people do not realize that strength training can also aid in weight loss.

In terms of fat loss, cardio helps in losing weight but also a certain percentage of muscle mass.

While, people who do a combination of cardio and strength training lose fat but also retain their muscles.

Strength training can help build muscle mass. This can speed up metabolism and help in burning more calories through out the day.

How to design an ideal strength training routine?

For the maximum benefit from strength training, exercises should be chosen to work out the maximum group of muscles to burn more calories.

If you have already been working out and have an experience with strength training then an example of combination routine would comprise of overhead presses, deadlift, chin-ups, and squats.

However, if you are a beginner it is better to start working out with your own body weight. A combination of planks, pushups, lunges and squats is ideal for working out the maximum number of muscles.

What are the other benefits of strength training?

Strength training helps you become stronger. It improves the overall health of your muscles and therefore, makes everyday life chores which involve moving around and carrying things much easier.

A good example of this can be in a domestic setup of that of a mother having kids to carry. The mother muscle structure is toned and strong especially in her arms area, life becomes easier for her.

It can help you look younger, as you grow older overall muscle mass decreases. However, if you maintain your muscles, this effect can be contradicted.

Strength training makes you healthier. It helps in improving blood flow, reducing blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar and improving cholesterol levels among many other benefits.

Strength training makes you feel far better. It helps in getting better sleep and prevents sleep apnea and insomnia provided that the exercises are not done near bedtime.

It helps in achieving overall better emotional health by increasing energy levels, decreasing stress and relieving anxiety.

In brief, strength training is ideal for losing weight and improving your overall health helping you reach your ultimate fitness goal.

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