Qualifications to Be a Caregiver for an Adult Foster Care Client

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For many people with health concerns or physical limitations, adult foster care service Massachusetts is an excellent alternative to moving into an assisted living facility. It can also provide a rewarding career for people wishing to be caregivers.

An Overview of Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care (or AFC) is a program funded through Medicaid that enables people who need assistance to safely perform daily activities due to a medical or psychiatric issue to receive care in their homes. This is preferable to clients over leaving their homes for assisted living or residential facilities, and it is also more cost effective for them and Medicaid.

Age and Relationship Requirements

To qualify to be an adult foster care service Massachusetts caregiver, applicants must be at least 18 years old and be physically and mentally able to assist the client. A physician must verify this. While a caregiver cannot be the legal guardian or spouse of the client, they can be a friend or relative of the client. All caregivers must agree to a criminal background check.

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An adult foster care service Massachusetts caregiver must be able to help with the clients ADLs (activities of daily living.) For those with physical limitations, this may include helping them get in and out of bed or assistance going to the bathroom, bathing and dressing. They may also need help eating and getting into and out of chairs or vehicles. If the client needs assistance due to a psychiatric diagnosis, the caregiver may be responsible to manage disruptive or inappropriate behavior, and be sure that they do not wander off. Regardless of the severity of their condition, the caregiver is responsible for the client’s safety and well- being whenever they are with them.

Caregivers who provide adult foster care service perform a necessary function that can make a world of difference to clients in need!

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