Physical Examination Near Me: Physical Examination and Health Assessment

An annual full health screening consists of a number of health screenings and tests chosen by the PCP on the basis of your medical background, current health complications and symptoms and of course, your age. It is highly advisable to undergo the physical exam once in every year, especially for the people of about 50.

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An annual physical exam is referred to as the routine test conducted by a PCP (Primary Care Provider). Generally, it is highly recommended to every people to know the condition of their overall health. A PCP can be anyone- a medical practitioner, a nurse, a doctor or a medical assistant.

As it is also known as the wellness check, a person can fix an appointment at anytime for undergoing this test. Before the exam, you will be asked a few questions about your health by the PCP regarding the health issues and complication you are observed for the last few days.

An annual full health screening consists of a number of health screenings and tests chosen by the PCP on the basis of your medical background, current health complications and symptoms and of course, your age. In some cases, you can be also suggested to undergo additional tests at the same time.

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What is the purpose of physical exam annually?

An annual physical exam assists your Primary Care Provider to know about your current health status. Even it offers you a chance to talk freely about any other health complexities or ongoing pain you are facing continuously in your body for the last few days. Also, you can speak up to your PCP about any other health concerns at the same time.

It is highly advisable to undergo the physical exam once in every year, especially for the people of about 50. This exam helps in:

Physical Examination and Health Assessment

  • Building a good trusted and reliable relationship with the PCP
  • Ensuring you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following daily exercise routine and a healthy as well as balanced diet chart
  • Updating essential immunisations
  • Identifying the health problems which can lead to serious medical concerns over time
  • Detecting the trace of possible diseases or disorders so that the treatment becomes easier

The exams listed in this annual full body exam are useful for checking levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. All these levels can get high even without showing any potential symptoms to you.

Therefore, regular screening is the only way to control these levels and prevent yourself from any severe diseases and disorders by maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Even a full body physical exam is recommended before any surgery or starting the long-term treatment of any severe health issues.

How can you prepare yourself for the physical examination?

For undergoing a physical exam, you have to make an appointment with a PCP as per your conveniences. There is nothing to worry about if you owned a family PCP as he/she will arrange full health screening in London for you and for your other family members.

If you don’t have any and can’t find any PCP, seek help from the health insurance provider to find a reliable PCP in your locality. Proper preparation can help you and your PCP a lot for undergoing the physical examination.

Physical Examination Near Me

So, on the night before the day of your annual physical exam, you must gather all the necessary paperwork to make the job easier for your PCP. It must include:

  • Additional questions which are striking in your mind and make you feel tensed
  • Whether if there is any implanted device like a defibrillator or a pacemaker in your body, you must bring a photocopy of both side of the device card
  • Contact number along with the name of the doctors you have visited recently or often
  • Surgical and medical history
  • Results of ant relevant or recent tests
  • Any kind of pain or symptoms experiencing by you for the last few days
  • Medication list you are taking currently that includes any over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and herbal supplements

While you have to walk-in clinic for undergoing necessary health screenings and tests, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes. Avoid using heavy makeup and excess jewellery to look perfect as it will create obstacles from checking the body completely and perfectly as well.

How a physical exam is performed

On prior to meet the specific PCP, you will be asked to attend a conversation session with a nurse. Basically, the consultation session will be consisted of your medical background. It means you will be interrogated regarding any symptoms you are facing currently, past and present allergic experiences.

There will be some questions regarding your lifestyle too including drinking alcohol, smoking and the daily exercises you do. Then, you full body will be inspected by your PCP to detect any unusual marks and growths. You may have to stand or sit for a long time during the examination.

In fact, for some time you have to lie down too to let the PCP to examine other body parts including abdomen. Generally, at this time, your PCP will check the texture, tenderness, size, location and consistency of every body organ. Later, your lungs will be checked thoroughly with the help of the stethoscope.

During checking, your PCP will ask you for deep breathing as it makes your PCP to listen carefully and clearly and detect the trace of any complexities in your lungs. It is also helpful for the evaluation of valve and heart function at the same time. Percussion is a technique widely used by the PCP during the annual physical exam.

It assists in discovering the secretion of fluid in unusual body parts and measures the size, consistency and border of different types of body organs. At last, your pulse rate, weight and height will also be examined to complete the full body health check up.

You have to consult with the PCP regarding your any concerns during the exam. You can also ask for a full body checkup to discuss with the PCP anything confidential. Feel free to ask questions if you can’t understand the importance of the annual physical exam.

Importance of follow-up after undergoing the physical examination

After undergoing the examination, the day is all yours! You can schedule your appointment for PCP follow up as per your conveniences over phone or via email. Even your test report’s soft copy will be emailed to you so that you can go through it carefully and know about your present health condition.

The report is featured with the health complications you have. Accordingly, other screenings and tests will be fixed later to begin with the right treatment.

If there is no trace of any health issues in your report, there is no necessity of other screenings and tests and you are done and free till next year.

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