Child’s Health

News of expecting a baby brings lot of excitement in a couple’s life. But it also brings some worries as well. Every new baby born needs to visit a paediatrician immediately after birth for various reasons like booster dozes or regular check-up at least for the first initial months.

If you don’t have a good child specialist, then you might be risking the health of your child. Therefore, it becomes a duty for parents to go for only qualified and experienced doctors.

Child’s Health

Paediatrics is a stream of medical science that deals with treating children. The primitive motive behind this speciality is to provide healthcare for strong and healthy babies.

Hence, parents should start looking for a child specialist even before the baby is born. Good time to search would be to start looking in your last trimester. If you are a resident of Mumbai, then you can easily find child specialist paediatrician in Mumbai.

Paediatrician role in child’s life

Babies are so sensitive that they are easily prone to diseases in their first initial months. Even after that, since their bodies are growing, their immunity systems are low. Therefore, they are more susceptible to diseases. A paediatrician plays a very important role in a child’s life.

Right from providing vaccinations to treating various ailments, they do it all. As a parent, you can easily make out the difference in treatments between regular physicians and paediatricians.

Being a child specialist is not easy. He or she should be ready to provide assistance even in the wee hours in order to treat any sudden illness the child may have developed. There are various branches of paediatrics like paediatric neurology, Neonatologists or general surgeons. These specialities are mainly for new born babies and hence they are demanded to be available round the clock. So, if you are not ready to commit to this profession seriously, then its best that you choose a different career option.

Duties of a Paediatrician

Until your child is six or seven, you might have to visit a child specialist for any health scares. Usually a child doctor would:

  • Give vaccinations to children
  • Do physical examinations
  • Provide consultation with child mental and physical behaviour
  • Treat any medical illness or injuries
  • Provide information about nutrition and fitness needs
  • Give consultation about your child

Why Do You Need a Paediatrician?

Obviously for the above-mentioned reasons. But there are other important reasons as well that you should always keep in touch with them. Since all their life they have around children, they can easily understand child’s mental health and physical health. In case of premature babies, they can be like gods who offer specialized care to your new born.

So, this is one of the most important decisions that you need to make before your baby is born.

If you are still looking for information, refer to some of the top paediatrician in Mumbai. They have great amount of experience and you can safely hand over your child’s health in your hands.