Most Basic Tips To Lose Weight

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While there are so many ways to lose weight, most basic ideas involve eating healthy and working out regularly. Well, that’s obvious! Isn’t it? Often, we tend to ignore some simple, regular and easy tips and tricks which can help us lose weight big time! I have jot down some really superb basic weight loss tips for your right here:

Have a high-protein breakfast.
A breakfast which has higher amounts of protein keeps you full and energized all day long. It ultimately helps you eat less during the day as it cuts down your cravings.

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Keep yourself away from sugar.
Trust me on this, sugar is the reason of weight gain. Whether it is a sugary drink, a brownie or sugary cup of tea, you need to avoid sugar intake in order to lose weight.

Drink water before a meal.
A study indicated that drinking waters a half hour before eating your meal increases weight loss by 44% over 3 months. Avoid drinking water for an hour after you have eaten.

Go for weight loss-friendly foods.
Try new healthy dishes daily. Make healthy eating fun for yourself by introducing light and tasty food choices in your life. The food you choose must be low in carbohydrates and rich in protein.

While there are junk food and unhealthy food items, there are some food choices which can help you lose weight. For example: grape fruit, green tea, black coffee, cherries etc.

You must take fiber in your diet.
Studies indicate that soluble fibers may decrease fat, particularly from your belly. You can use chia seeds in cold water and you can also go for fiber supplements like glucomannan.

This is one nice tip for you.
I am sure you will like it if you are a coffee or tea lover. As caffeine boost your metabolism by 3-11%, it’s best to have coffee or tea twice or even thrice a day. Black coffee is simply the best way to feel energized and it really does decrease cravings.

Try eating whole foods and avoid unprocessed food.
Whole food items are healthier to eat as they cut down hunger cravings and help you retain from over eating. By whole foods I mean food choices in which you have no artificial ingredients. I.e. packed juices, chips, candy bars etc.

Don’t eat your food fast.
Take your time and eat slowly. Eating slowly helps activating weight-reducing hormones. Eating very fast can actually make you eat more than you planned to. Chew every bite and enjoy the food. Avoid watching a game or TV show while eating. This is one reason people tend to eat very fast and too much.

You should use smaller plates.
This is something I have experienced personally; a small plate helps me eat less. Strange but true! Even if you eat twice in a small plate, it is most likely that you will still less than a bigger plate meal eaten once.

Make sure you sleep on time in night and avoid excessive sleeping. It is a well-known fact, sleeping too much causes weight gain. Getting 8-9 hours of sleep is enough for a healthy individual.

Wear fitted clothes.
This really helps you to keep your weight in control and to keep your body in shape. We often wear loose clothing which makes us pretty comfortable with the fact that our body is getting out of shape. You must wear nice fitted dresses to maintain your weight. You can even hang an old ideal sized dress that you would want to wear again after your weight loss in your wardrobe for motivation.

Last tip that I want to add here is very effective.
Go with the portion control weight loss strategy. It is very straightforward and simple: Always stop eating when you feel like you are 90% full. Avoid eating too much. It’s always complicated to eat or drink less than you want to eat. You can resolve this problem by keeping an eye on your serving size. Have a bowl of soup before you eat and make sure you have 2 glasses of water before you start eating your meal.

Hope these tips will help you out in dropping some pounds. If you have more interesting weight loss ideas, do comment below in comment section.

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She regularly blogs at Check her latest post on best running shoes.

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