Milk Thistle For Diabetes, What Are The Health Benefits of Milk Thistle

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Milk thistle plant extracts are used to form the silymarin tablets. More concentration can be found in its seeds. Tablets of silymarin are usually produced using the powder formed by milk thistle seeds. Milk thistle is also known as silybum marrianum and scotch thistle. It is the member of Asteraceae family. It is found to be either biennial or annual plant. Milk thistle is characterized by its purple flowers, white veins.

It ‘s origin is in Europe. It was also found in Asian history. Now it is popular all over the world. Olden days people were using it in the treatment of serpant bites. It’s milk is very effective for breast feeding mothers. So they were calling it as Holy Thistle.

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Silymarin is very popular because it is even well known in traditional medicine. It’s familiar in medical field from centuries. Earlier days they were using it mainly for liver issues and in the treatment of poisoning. It is very effective in the patients suffering from poisoning caused by poisonous mushrooms. Silymarin is useful to get rid of poison in the liver.

Recent studies revealed other uses of silymarin like almost all liver disorders including alcohol induced cirrhosis, diabetes and even psoriasis.

Nowadays the milk thistle plant can be seen all over the world. They look similar to artichoke having purple flowers. Silymarin is earlier extracted from seeds of milk thistle plant. But nowadays it is synthesized using a group of flavonolignans and flavonoids like silibinin, silydianin, isosylibin, silychristin.

The silymarin tablet:
Silymarin is famous for its anti oxidant properties. It is very effective in treating liver damage from toxins. It can prevent toxins from entering and damaging the liver cells. Silymarin even has anti –inflammatory, anti-lipid-perxidative and immune modulating properties. It has almost no serious side effects.

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle

Its biochemical properties play main role in treatment of liver diseases. Silymarin is very useful in treating fatty liver, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. Standard silymarin tablets contain 70-80 % if silymarin. It is also available in other forms like capsules, extracts, liquids. It is also found with products of other compounds. It is very imported to read the instructions written on silymarin doses, because it acts differently for different individuals.

It can interact with other medications already in use. Compare the prescribed dose with the products concentration. Silymarin capsules are available in many concentrations and with variety of combinations with other ingredients. Dose is mainly dependent on age, disorder and health condition. In case of severe hepatitis, the suggested dose is 160-800 mg thrice a day. This should be followed for three weeks. For some treatments, silymarin is given along with regular medications of the disease.

Usually it won’t cause major side effects since it is natural compound. Diabetic patients take silymarin along with their regular diabetic medications. Suggested dose here is 200-300mg thrice a day. This is usually prescribed for one year.

Silymarin is even useful in diabetic nephropathy. Here the dose suggested is 140 mg thrice a day. This is followed for three months. When used for diabetic patients extra care should be taken because it has the property to lower the blood sugar levels. So accordingly the regular medicines should be altered.

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