5 Benefits of Massage Therapy in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy massage is therapeutic and help mommies to be a lot. Reducing stress, relieving muscle pain and tension are just a few benefits that it has on the body. During pregnancy, a massage therapy has proven to have help reduce quite a number of symptoms that can bud into harmful diseases.

Here are the five main benefits of massage therapy in pregnancy:

Reduces Pain and Swelling:
Many expectant women feel discomfort in their neck, legs and back. Due to the extensive pressure in these sensitive areas, swelling and inflammation of nerves can occur. But, this is nothing a good massage therapy can’t handle. Regular massage sessions can help stimulate the tissues, reducing inflammation and pain in return. Other than getting proper therapy, you can also keep a good massage chair at home to help yourself a bit.

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Helps with Stress, Anxiety And Depression:
Pregnancy comes along with a number of problems, unwanted stress and anxiety topping them all. During pregnancy, women can feel a lot of harmful stress and getting a proper therapy is necessary to cure that. If they get a proper massage therapy, hormone levels are altered to improve mood and relaxes them. The reduction in hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine can lead to easier birthing process for mom and baby too. Furthermore, the endorphin that are released due to the relaxation of a body, makes the mother relaxed and less terrified of the birth ahead.

Improved Circulation:
Among one of the things that massage is known for is increased blood circulation. Not only for pregnant women, but it is equally important for normal people who face blood flow issues. Getting a proper massage therapy will help provide more nutrients and proper oxygen to mother and the baby. It will further remove the toxins and waste produced by the lymph system. This will help mothers in a longer run, as during the final months, the organ displacement can lead to circulation issues.


Helps with Pregnancy Discomforts:
There are a lot of problem that accompany pregnancy, other than breathing, circulation, and extensive pain. Apart from the mentioned, there are severe headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, nasal congestion, acid reflux, and what not. It is only through regular massages that to-be mothers can ease out the discomfort and pain. These therapeutic massages will ensure that pregnant women can get rid of ailments, and provide comfort required for a smooth pregnancy and birth.

Prepares for Birth:
Believe us when we say that birth becomes a lot easier, if you gear up your body and muscles for it beforehand. As the baby continues growing healthily in the stomach, massages can help support the body from the vigorous changes.

Massages will help body adjust to the tissue changes, ligaments and muscle modifications. It will help maintain a good posture and adjust to the changing alignment of your body. Thus, making sure that when the right time comes you are all set to adjust to the possible changes of growing birth or pushing the baby out of your body.


Sara is a psychologist by profession and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly posts about good massage chair at  mymassagechairs.com

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