Makeup Tips and Tricks for Women To Look Younger

We all have had those embarrassing days when our make-up looks flawless in the morning, but by the evening, all that remains are unpleasant patches of the foundation. Have you ever wondered how some women effortlessly wear their makeup for the entire day?

You may have guessed some women’s make-up tips and tricks which are more expensive than yours, but that’s not true. Here is revealing to you the secrets behind a make-up, which will last from dawn to dusk.

Begin With A Clean And Dry Face

Clean And Dry Face

If you really want the makeup to last an entire day, you must begin with a clean and dry face. Get rid of any excess oil and dirt by washing using a gentle cleanser. Once you pat your skin dry and clean, apply an oil free and lightweight moisturizer with SPF. Let this sink into the skin for about five minutes before you apply any other products. Water and oil never mix. And so the oil on the face is also no exception to this. If your face is oily, your make up will not even last three proper hours. The skin needs to be very clear and pat dry.

Perfect and Prime

kat von d makeupYou realize how amazing a manicure looks when you use a nice base coat? Similarly, this goes for your makeup as well! Using a primer helps fill in the pores, conceal imperfections, and aid your make-up in appearing better and last much longer. It is like a no-brainer.

Choose The Right Products

Go in for a long lasting and an oil-free foundation, which has SPF to have your face safeguarded throughout the day. When you apply any face products, always start with thin layers and then build up your coverage from here.

product for makeup tipsIf the layers are very thick, it can cause the makeup to appear cakey and will soon melt away (this also goes for application of lipstick).

Instead of you layering on powder blush or cream, use a stain, which will double just like any lip product. Switch the eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow with waterproof formulas in order to prevent them smudging during the day.

Lock it up

Set the makeup using a translucent powder, which smoothens the look of the makeup and also remove the excess oil. In order to help the makeup last even longer, you can use a spray for makeup setting. Spraying on the face prior and post your makeup is done will lock up everything in its place and also will help the powder makeup appear more like the natural skin.

Remain Hands Free

You must resist the urge to again and again touch your face through the day! What will happen is that the oil on your hands transfers to the skin, which causes the makeup to budge.

Also, apart from this, the germs on the hands may lead to further breakouts on the skin in near future. If you visit the best make-up studio in Gurgaon, you will not need to worry about any of these. But if you are doing your make-up at home, keep all of the above in mind.

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