Saying no tu sugar suggested by a hand refusing a teaspoon

Every body parts have negative effects of diabetic. How dangerous complications occurs by high blood sugar and diabetics. It’s a fact that, Sugar level in blood automatically increases in diabetes. Kidney, heart, blood passing buses and other muscles were damaged or injured by high blood sugar.

Actually each and every body parts are been effected by diabetics. It’s a big question that how big a complication occurs because of diabetics.

Saying no tu sugar suggested by a hand refusing a teaspoon

After a long time period of research and hard work by scientists came to know about few points of the reason but, few other reason for these are still unknown or not discovered.

Complications by Diabetics: there are two types of complications, Acute and chronic complications. Acetone; because of high volume of diabetics and unconscious; due to low blood sugar. Problem of eyes, kidney and heart are the examples of long term complications. Few known reason of diabetics complications are genetic, metabolic and vascular effects.

Vascular symptoms: blood passes buses becomes rough and fat because of diabetic and because of this, blood cannot reach to all parts of body. Those body parts, which are not getting enough blood, become weak disturbed in regular work.

There are three types of blood passing buses, small, big and medium in size. Due to jammed and closed blood buses, person get problem in eyes, kidney and mind. They can’t see clear vision and can’t think or pay attention in anywhere. People, who have diabetic, may get problem of cholesterol. These problem cause the change in big blood passes buses. Due to this, other body parts cannot get regular blood supply.

Metabolic: due to diabetics, person gets other problems by cholesterol and blood sugar. Blood pressure causes some chemical reaction in body and occurs few changes. These changes effects body by directly or indirectly. Few points for these are researched and understood by great scientists but few are still not discovered or solved.

Genetic Symptoms: these are responsible for diabetics and these are also reasons for problems of person to fall in diabetic. Because of this few family members or I can say, members from same family may also get problem in head, eyes and kidney.

Lots of people in the world have problem of diabetics and really struggling with this. We just need is solution of diabetics so new generation can live healthy without fear in mind for diabetics.