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Pregnancy is the most important life event for a woman. The 10 months journey can never be described in words as it involves a lot of emotional ups and downs. Support from the family is very crucial at this point in time. Right from regular visits to the maternity hospital in India till labour, it is very important to be very cautious about the significant changes that our body undergoes and our health.

Pregnancy is the most joyous period too. The 10 months wait and struggle are very real for a mother. During this period, she undergoes a lot of physical changes and mood swings. Most of the women complain of feeling irritated all the time. The possible explanation for this is:

  • The way how the body copes with the sudden physical changes
  • Physical stress
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalance

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To tackle this, most hospitals are introducing pre-pregnancy packages, which is a comprehensive 9-month package which will include pregnancy yoga, meditation, pre-labor classes and lot more. The availability of these programmes in hospitals is restricted to mostly metros. But you needn’t always visit a maternity hospital in Mumbai or any other city to do this. You can do it yourself at home. So let us see some of the workouts and tricks which will help you be better at pregnancy mood swings:

Life Care

#1. Mediation:
Practicing meditation can do wonders for your mind and body. It will help you stay relax at any cost. Some of the simple meditation practice is to stay idle and concentrate on breathing. Choose a comfortable place to sit. Your spine should be straight, body relaxed and head chin up. Now close your eyes, take deep breathes slowly. This inhaling and exhaling process should be done in a very relaxed way. Listen to the flow of air into your body. Keep your thoughts at bay. Repeat this with counts and do it twice a day. This will help you be relaxed.

#2. Walking:
Don’t always stay at home. Grab a fit companion and head out to get some fresh air. Prefer parks and lawns as it will give you the freedom to walk around with ease. Not too slowly, not too fast, walk at your pace. This will increase blood circulation in your body and thus help to keep you active and happy.

#3. Music:
Keep the devil at bay with soothing music. You can mix music and meditation and even with walking. Music is scientifically known to make brain relax. Listening to music make the experience turn into a memory. Hence listening to old music which is your favorite can help you to keep your mood swing at bay.

#4. Call your friends home:
Being alone can sometimes be painful. Call your friends home and get your mom and sister do the cooking. A fun day at home with our beloved ones can do magic to our mind.

So these are some self-help things which you can easily practice and your home instead of walking all the way to a maternity home.

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