Infertility Due To Food: Foods That Decrease Sperm Count and Motility

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The rising decline in the ability of a couple to conceive child naturally is prevailing common nowadays. Any couple in this state, they tend to seek a medical advice. The reasons are more in number yet they fall into just two categories, they are either predictable or it may be an unexplained failure for a certain period of time. Most of us these days hear infertility as a common term, yet hand full of us are really aware of what actually cause this threat. Food, clothing and shelter are considered as basic needs, which actually means healthy food, clean clothing and shelter.

Unhygienic and unhealthy food is treated as the major cause for most of the disease. In that case fertility also has it’s major threat in food habits. Top cities like Mumbai are developed more in consuming preserved or synthesized food materials and so is the increase in fertility clinic in Mumbai. Are these two really having any connect?

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food materialsChemicals and additives used in preservation of food materials are the major threat causing infertility.Eating sauces or drinking packed soups and lowfat milksounds common to most of us, such type of food contain flavor enhancer like Monosodium L-Glutamate (MSG). Food additives used for preserving fat like instant mashed potatoes, edible oil and canned food tend to have additives like Butylated hydroxyanisole(BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT).

These are substances highly blamed for reproductive system disorders (male and female infertility). Menstrual imbalances and impotence are often caused by consuming cool-drinks and low calorie food as they contain Aspartame for artificial sweetening.

Presence of bacteria is another important cause for infertility, listeria found in soft cheese may directly affect the baby leading to blood poisoning. Varied toxins and chemicals in cigarettes tend to decrease the sperm count and also the quality of egg, so it’s advised to avoid smoking for both the partners.

pregnancy plan womenDuring pregnancy plan women can avoid alcohol consumption since it affects the baby’s organs and has high tendency to damage it. Trans fatty acids are common in junk foods and fast foods, which leads to 96% fewer sperm than other men. Women who consume large quantities of omega 3 fatty acids present highly in flaxseed and mackerel can risk endometriosis.

Nonstick chemicals lead to lower levels of healthy sperms and women take longer time to get pregnant on regular usage of nonstick pan or pot for cooking. Food infertility treatment is none other than proper diet. Unlike other fertility treatment food based treatment is possible if one has a proper education and knowledge about food habits.

Sperm count can be increased abundantly by walnut and dark chocolate.Selenium an antioxidant present in garlic can improve sperm movement and swimming (motility) and allicin another magical element improves blood flow in the male partner’s sexual organ. Banana a fruit rich in bromelain regulates sex hormones and increase male libido, provided it boosts the body’s ability to produce sperm.

Body lacking Vitamin A is the cause for infertility, veggies like broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots are highly packed with vitamin A.

Being infertile due to food related causes is curable if proper diet is practiced. It all depends on what one should intake and avoid. Earlier prediction and treatment shall improve fertility.

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