How To Reduce Weight With Herbal Products: Top 6 Herbal Products

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Why herbal product manufacturer calls his products safe for use?

They call their products safe because herbal products have natural herbs offering benefits when consumed in right amount.

In older times, people never so bothered about getting fat. It is because during those days, they only had natural foods and herbs that helped them in maintaining their health and fitness.

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weight loss herbal products

Over time, we started processing natural foods and reduced physical activities. This leads to weight gaining.

Here in this article we are sharing top herbal remedies for weight loss.

Green Tea

Herbal green tea is the fastest and healthiest way to reduce weight. Green tea is not only rich in anti-oxidants, but has thermo-genic properties. Green tea also helps feel you full and so, you don’t eat more and gain calories.

Ginseng for Weight Loss

Chinese people are using Ginseng as a traditional medicine for energy, stamina, and fitness. In recent research, experts discovered that this herb is effective in weight loss and also control diabetes. It boosts your metabolism when you eat, and it fills you with energy and you remain active and spend more calories.

Guggul for Weight Loss

Guggul is an age old herbal medicine from the vault of Ayurveda that treats various health conditions including weight loss. Guggul gum resin is extracted from the mukul myrrh tree. It has guggulsterone, a plant steroid that is considered to be anti-tumor, cholesterol-lowering component and anti-angiogenic.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus flower is loaded with nutrients, flavonoids, and other minerals. The flower breaks down the fats and carbs in your body and you lose some kilos.


Grapefruit is extremely healthy. It has a healthy falvonoid called Naringenin, which balances the blood sugar levels in your body and prevent metabolic syndrome that is responsible for fat. You should include grapefruit in your diet to prevent weight gain and diabetes.

Gurmar Leaves

People practicing Ayurveda are using Gurmar leaves to treat several diseases including obesity, diabetes, enlargement of liver and spleen, and kidney stones. Gurmar herb is one of the best digestive stimulants. It balances your sugar levels and enhances cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

You can find these herbs from ayurvedic drug store. To know how to consume these herbs, you must ask the manufacturers of these herbs. They will tell you exact amount and use of the herb, so that you can avail best results.

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