The Signs of DHT Overproduction

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There is nothing more intimidating than noticing weird changes on your body, and discovering the fact that it is occurring due to hormonal imbalance. DHT is basically a certain hormone inside the human body, which tends to overproduce and varies from person to person.

The changes that you might experience are acne, inflammation on the face or scalp,excessivehair loss, thinning of hair, and many others.

how to reduce dht hormone

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On a general note, the DHT overproduction symptoms may vary among different people as not everyone is sensitive to it. The follicles become sensitive and women may even experience growth of harsh facial hair, or hair on their neckline.On the other hand, there are a few signs that you can identify in order to notice and halt the DHT

Acne is actually a skin disorder that leaves your face inflamed and swelled with several red bumps and dark spots. The major problem with acne is that it requires a lot of time to recover. The heaps of oil present on the face, due to the excessive DHT inside the body, the oil clogs up the pores of the face, resulting in several problems that are ultimately linked to acne. The condition can grow worse with time if you don’t put a stop to it at the right time.

Hair Growth on Face:
Hair growth at awkward places, like the face, can be disturbing and a daunting experience for women. The hormonal disturbance actually connects to a number of other problems, out of which, this unusual hair growth process is also counted. It is a key representative of the hormonal imbalance condition taking place inside of your body. Therefore, make sure to get yourself checked so as to treat this issue from the core. There are several things that you could do to stop this situation, for instance, soy.

Excessive Hair Loss:
The tissues of the scalp swell up which damages the follicles and the strands all at once. In order to identify the issue, you need to keep an eye on the pattern of hair loss that you are experiencing. If you notice an unusual pattern and a receding hairline then it is vital for you to address the problem at your earliest. DHT hair losscan be a sign towards other issues as well, something like thyroid disease etc. Furthermore, if you think that you can cater to this hair loss condition by simplifying your hair care routine or any medication of your own, then you are wrong.

By going to a professional hair loss clinic in Dubai, you can uncover the fact whether if it is the work of the DHT producing excessively inside the human body or if it is a temporary case of hair loss.

Changing your lifestyle, avoiding a number of foods, and other similar aspects are not going to have an impact on your excessive hair fall, or even the DHT production on its own. In fact, the more you delay the matter, the more you will have to wait for the healing process to work its charm on you!

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