How To Pack for a Camping Trip

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Are you going on a camping trip? You probably already know to bring a tent and a sleeping bag. People often bring folding chairs and a table as well. Here are some suggestions for things to pack for a camping trip that may be less obvious.

Protect Your Skin

Bring sunscreen and apply often. People often don’t bother to use sunscreen if it is not warm outside, and they are often surprised when they develop a sunburn. Yes, you can still get a sunburn on a cloudy day, even when you can’t see the sun clearly. Bring aloe gel to soothe sunburns in case you miss any small areas of skin while applying sunscreen.

Bring bug spray to protect your skin from bites. Pack some bug bite relief for the inevitable itchy bug bite as well.  Bug spray is not 100% effective every time and you are bound to get at least a couple of bug bites when you are spending your days and nights in the great outdoors.

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Pack a first aid kit to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Be sure it is equipped with tweezers in case of splinters as well as bandages and over the counter pain relief medications.

Food and Beverages

Pack a cooler with all food and drinks that will need to be kept cold. Hotdogs are a camping favorite because they are easy to cook over a fire and assemble outdoors. The same goes for s’mores which are a fun and delicious dessert to make over the fire.

If you plan to eat things that have a more complicated cooking process, you may need to bring a portable stove or grill as well as propane. Do all food prep like chopping vegetables or anything else you can think of before you pack it in the cooler.

Lighting for Nighttime

Don’t rely on just a fire pit to light up your camp area. Pack flashlights, lanterns and batteries. They will come in handy particularly for nighttime trips to the restroom. You can also get a dual-use lantern bug zapper to hang near your tent.

Camping can be a lot of fun and a great way to bond with family and friends. Whether camping in a tent or a more luxurious RV or camper, it is great to be prepared. Campers and glampers are wise to make a checklist before going on a trip to make sure they have everything they need for a great adventure!

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