How To Lose Belly Fat: 3 Tips from Celebrities to Lose Menopause Belly Fat

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If you are at all like me we reach our late 40′s and early 50′s and start to see the pounds and kilos piling on. It is no secret that hormonal changes in our middle years can cause menopausal weight gain. The metabolism slows, hormones are all over the place and often times emotional factors in our everyday life cause us to comfort eat as well. This battle can go on for years and many mature women just give up thinking that they will never be thin again. Rubbish!

We can all take charge of our lives and ourselves and eat our way to the person we really want to be. I have tried every “diet” imaginable only to regain the weight again after time. Most of us have had periods of yoyo dieting that leaves us with a sluggish metabolism and even worse self-esteem.

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Menopause comes at a time when many women are already emotionally less than happy with our lives. A husband may be losing interest (or divorced) the children have grown and have their own lives and add to it the menopause weight gain and life can be pretty difficult.

But it’s not the end of the world. You can lose that stubborn belly fat by adding some simple lifestyle changes and diet modification. This will not only help you gain your confidence level back but also give you an attractive look.

Recently some celebrities came out with their tricks to fight the belly fat. We all know that in the menopause year’s belly fat seems to just appear as if magically out of thin air. One day flat tummy, the next day jelly belly! Here are a few tips that may be useful to get rid of that belly fat.

These are things that would be considered small changes but have BIG results – as with everything – give it time. Remind yourself that the weight or tummy didn’t appear overnight (although it may seem that way) and it will take some time for the results to be seen.

How To Lose Belly Fat
Tip #1 – Natasha Turner, naturopathic doctor and author of The Hormone Diet
“Eat a snack between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Make sure that your snack contains protein like protein bar or a piece of low-fat cheese.

Tip #2 – Jorge Cruise, author of The Belly Fat Cure
“Consume the lowest possible sugar you can”

Tip #3 – Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD and author of The Flexi tarian Diet
“Chew your food until it feels like apple sauce in your mouth. More you chew your food, less chances of bloating or gas.”

The Author is a fitness trainer with extensive experience in fat loss, specifically, belly fat and thighs.

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