How To Know If You Need a Root Canal

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The Root Canal Treatment becomes necessary when the aim is to repair and save teeth that are either badly infected or decayed. This treatment is used when the pulp of the tooth is damaged and needs removal from the inside of the tooth. Since the tooth pulp has nerves and blood vessels, the dentist will cleanse and seal it to repair the damage.

For patients, it’s never easy to know when they need a root canal as signs or symptoms in early stages are difficult to recognize. Plus, only a trained dentist can spot the signs of damage and decay to the tooth in the initial stages. Worse still, physical symptoms generally don’t begin unless the problem has advanced or progressed.

For that reason, you should see the dentist regularly, check oral checking or examination done to know if everything is well inside. An infected tooth is a problem that can be identified early if you visit the dentist on a regular basis. So, don’t ever worry about root canal treatment cost particularly when it has become the necessity to save the tooth.

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Here are some of signs to know Why You Need Root Canal Treatment
root canal procedure

Persistent Pain

Persistent pain is one of the major signs that tell you need a root canal. It is also an indication that something is not right with the root of your tooth. If you feel pain even with normal day-to-day activities like eating and drinking, it should ring an alarm bell and you should then visit the dentist. The dentist will check if the pain is result of inflamed nerves and vessels, and then he/she might think of a root canal.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth is never a good thing to have. It can expose the nerves beneath the tooth and lead to infection. It does not matter what caused the tooth to get chipped or tooth, it’s always risky for the nerves. Because, the infection in it might enter the bloodstream and reach to different body parts to cause some serious health concerns. Only a root canal can help in such cases.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity to teeth from hot or cold drinks or foods is one of big indications that root canal is needed. This problem may start off as a mild ache in the teeth and might grow into a sharp pain gradually. as the nerves are exposed to coldness or hotness, this leads to pain. In such situations, only a root canal treatment is needed to fix the problem.

Swollen Gums

Inflammation is often the cause of swollen gums. And we know tooth nerves get inflamed when there is an infection in them. The root canal treatment becomes necessary in cases where gums are swollen or causing pain or having a raised bump on them. If the problem persists and does not go away with other treatments, then the dentist might use the root canal.

Tooth discoloration

Tooth discoloration may also be a sign that you need a root canal to fix the problem. In some cases, however, poor oral hygiene and foods are responsible for stains on the tooth enamel, but nerve damage beneath the tooth surface may also lead to this situation. A root canal becomes necessary in cases where a damaged tooth is troubling the patient.

Deep Decay

Oral hygiene won’t serve the purpose if deep decay has reached to the base of the tooth. That’s why you should never ignore a cavity as it might reach into the nerve and root of the tooth. In such cases, a root canal is the only option to do the repair and then fit crown to restore total dental functionality.

Prolonged Tooth Sensitivity

A root canal is the only option left when the tooth sensitivity stays for months on it without showing any sign of improvement. This condition is actually the result of a damaged root which does not heal on their own. You must visit the nearest dental hospital to treat the sensitivity, remove the pain and prevent the infection to reach other parts of the body. This is how oral health is maintained in true sense.

Clearly, root canal is the procedure to go when the aim is to save a badly damaged or severely decayed tooth rather than get the troubled tooth extracted. The treatment is not painful and it in fact can take away all the pain that damaged tooth causes. You should benefit from the treatment to restore the visual charms of the damaged tooth.

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