sebum scalp build up

One of the most asked questions at any hair salon is what is the best way to get rid of the buildup on my scalp and hair? The buildup is more than just the sebum that is produce by the sebacceous gland.

The buildup can be a mix of many different things including product residue from years of sticky styling products but also from the build up yeast, mites and fungus or bacteria that can occur.

This can also mix with sweat and the salt in the sweat. Any or all of these can buildup.

What Products Does The Build Up Cause?

Buildup can be crystallized that can feel crusty, white and waxy that is often soft and easily peeled away or can be floating in the hair.

The problem with the hardened build up is that is can plug the hair follicle but also can work itself down inside the hair follicle where the hardened sebum buildup will cause a lot of problems with inflammation.

The inflammation can cause a domino effect of hair growth issues along with harboring bacteria, fungus and even mites. These can be long lasting and be chronic if you cannot detox or deep cleanse away the plugs.

The reason why most of the dandruff shampoos an t gel or tar shampoos are more of a fix for existing fungus that is present on the scalp itself.

However, these types of shampoos, while strong anti fungals do not do anything to cleanse the sebum plugs that are either blocking the follicle or down inside the follicles that are the real problem.

What Products Work To Clean Out Sebum Plugs and Scalp Buildup?

Several Shampoos are for dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other itchy scalp issues. However what has studied and found to be most effective against the sebum plugs and clogged hair follicles are not the traditional dandruff shampoos.

Instead is several herbal mixes that work to dissolve the even the most hardened and time resistant plugs or clogs. A shampoo for scalp buildup that includes the sebum breakdown herbal mix is much more likely to have a long term result for the symptoms.

One of the most common mixtures is called Zincplex. It uses the herbal mixture of thyme, sage, burdock, ivy, fenugreek, tea tree and zinc pca.

This mixture is also one of the most common mixtures for those that have excess oily scalp and hair and also many different types of buildup including: sebum balls, crystallized or hardened sebum, white waxy scalp gunk and similar yellow dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis type flakes.

Another approach is to use exfoliating type products such as scalp scrubs or even scalp exfoliating brushes that will use actual friction to open the stubborn plugs on the hair follicles.

This manual method works well for getting the outter sebum plugs. However, for still trying to clean and detox the inside of the hair follicle where the clogs can actually coat the hair follicle root and cause nutrition fee problems and also harbor bacteria, a detox shampoo should be used.

Herbal Complexes such as Zincplex herbal complex could be just what you are looking for to get your hair and scalp as healthy as they can possibly be.

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