How To Gain Weight Fast with Diet and Supplements

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Here are the Top 7 Ways How to Gain Weight Eating Healthy Foods. How To Gain Weight with the help of Fruits, Rest, Sleep, GYM, Walking and Eating Healthy Protein Foods. If you are tired of being called skinny more often than not, I know exactly how you feel.

As you have guessed already, yes, I used to be skinny too. And I am sure that I was skinnier than you (regardless of however skinny you may be) because my girlfriend used to tell me if I were any skinnier than I was, I wouldn’t exist.

Since then, I have gained a considerable amount of weight. I will now tell you how to go about gaining some weight by personal experience.

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How To Gain Weight Fast

#1. Protein To Gain Weight

If there is any secret to gaining weight, it is a protein. If you go to the gym, I am sure you can tell me more about protein than I can tell you.

Meat, fish, cheese, yoghurt, etc., are rich protein foods and should be consumed regularly. Also, make sure that you have enough carbohydrates as well. Carbohydrates, along with proteins, are useful for gaining mass.

#2. Sleep Well To Gain Weight

A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy body, and you cannot bulk up if you don’t sleep properly. This is the reason why all or most of the insomniacs are skinny people.

Getting proper sleep should be easy if you don’t have insomnia or any other sleep disorder.

#3. Repetitions To Gain Weight

While that to gain weight, you have to work out regularly, and you also have to increase the number of repetitions per exercise. You should target anywhere between eight to thirteen repetitions if you are serious about gaining weight.

#4. Drinking-Water To Gain Weight

Drinking good quantities of water at regular intervals keeps you hydrated. There is no substitute to drinking lots of water. Water is important for increasing muscle mass. Who should have water in enough quantities regardless of your going to the gym or not?

#5. Too lazy for GYM

If for any reason you can’t go to the gym, there are two exercises that you should try anywhere you can. These are squats and pull-ups. Try doing squats in front of a mirror so that you can see that your position is right.

Try pull-ups with varying hand positions, and you would notice the changes in your back and biceps.

#6. For the GYM freaks

The two most important exercises that would help you gain muscle are bench press and deadlifts for the regular gym-goers. Bench press helps you develop muscles in the chest, shoulders and triceps.

The deadlift is an advanced exercise, so be careful with it. To do this correctly, consult your trainer.

#7. Walk, Don’t Run

Now, this is something that you might find odd, but believe me, it worked for me. I had been a fast walker all my life. I realized that it was one reason I wasn’t able to gain weight. If you are a fast walker, try slowing down a bit. Walk slowly and don’t try to run.

If you follow most of the advice given above, you should have no difficulty in gaining weight. Progress would be slow, but you would see the changes with a little bit of patience and some considerable amount of hard work. If you still can’t see that extra muscle, do consult a doctor.

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