How to Improve Immune System Naturally with Copper Gluconate USP

Copper is a red-brown transition metal and is very soft, shiny and highly malleable. Because of its soft nature, it is used as an alloy. The alloy is a material which is made up of either a metal or a non-metal or made by two metals. Alloys are stronger than a single material. There are two common copper alloys which are bronze and brass.

Bronze is made by the combination of copper and tin and brass is made by the combination of copper and zinc. Copper support the immune system and it provides the connectivity tissues. It is also called a biological catalyst.

The deficiency of copper can either be inherited or acquired in the body. During the formation of red blood cells, the body uses copper to maintain hair color, bone, skin, and pigmentation of the eye. In metabolism of the body, copper has a variety of roles which contains oxygen and radicals of oxygen.

It is found in seeds, nuts, whole grains and other. It is also present in drinking water. For nourishing the people, there are some supplements of copper used such as cupric sulfate and copper gluconate USP.

Copper Gluconate is the bioavailable form of copper. It is basically the copper salt of an acid named as D-fluconic acid. It is easily soluble in water. It is odorless and light blue or blue-green crystal or powder. There are many benefits of this supplement of copper which are given below:

  • People suffering from frequent diarrhea
  • Alcoholics
  • People who have been diagnosed with iron deficiency then copper gluconate is helpful along with the supplements of iron.

It is important to take only the dose which is recommended to you because, in large amounts, copper gluconate can be toxic. It is best to use this medicine under the knowledgeable healthcare. Along with the benefits, there are many side effects of this supplement too which are given below:

  • Breathing Problems
  • Chest Pain
  • Stomach Upset
  • Rashes
  • Hives
  • Liver Damage
  • Anemia

So these are some side effects of copper gluconate USP. Now let’s talk about some uses of it.

  • The dietary supplement to treat copper deficiency
  • Ingredient of Retsyn.

It is basically a type of drug but is used as medicine. Do not use this medicine during pregnancy, breastfeeding, pediatrics, geriatrics and many more. Consult the doctor before using it. It is important to have copper in the body as it maintains the immune system.

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