Childbirth Fear: How Go Give Child Birth without Fear and Forget Fear of Childbirth

It is common that when a woman gets closer to the delivery date, a phobia develops automatically in her mind regarding the delivery. Several questions strike their mind like “Can I bear the labour pain”, “What would happen if the doctor is not available” and lots more.

It is a typical medical condition known as “Tokophobia” that needs to be overcome along with time. The following 10 tips may help you to do so.

Always talk to someone

Whenever you are thinking of your delivery date and feeling nervous, just call someone you wish to talk. It will help you to experience the easiness and your fear will calm down. If you feel the necessity, you can visit private gynecology clinic and talk to private gynaecology expert about your concerns and worries.

The gynae will reassure you about your pregnancy so that you can sleep well at night. You can also indulge in chatting with your hubby, friends, aunts and mother as they have the ability to make you feel much better.

Forget Fear of Childbirth

Take deep breathe

Taking deep breathe is another smart trick to overcome Tokophobia. It has the power to relax you and provide you with a positive and calm mood. You have to sit comfortably in a quiet room with your eyes closed to practice breathing in and out deeply and slowly.

Pray to God

A true believer in God can surrender herself to God as only he can solve all your fear and worries. Daily prayer to God is helpful and with this you will become fearless and worry-free. Prayer can be performed by reading Bible, hymn book or chanting any gospel song.

Be mentally prepared

Mental preparation is great way to attain peace of mind. Get your hospital bag ready so that you won’t have to rush at the last minute. On your trimester, you can engage yourself in preparing the things for the arrival of your baby. Moreover, you can go for breastfeeding online class to know the complication about breastfeeding and its other lesser-known facts.

Keep an open mind

Open mind is very important to ease the phobia of child delivery. It is so, because as a mother, you have to be able to deal with every scenario in the delivery room with a positive approach.

Suppose you have prepared yourself for vaginal birth but the doctor opts for C-section because of the breech baby. Hence, you have to be positive and cooperate with the doctor in a calm and composed way.

Stay positive

Never let the negativity grasps your mind regarding your child’s birth. Always stay positive and think about the good things which are going to happen. This will certainly help you to deal with your Tokophobia symptoms.

Gain knowledge about childbirth

After getting pregnant, collect every crucial piece of information on delivery. You can read magazines, blogs and books on childbirth, take admission in prenatal class and stream YouTube videos. It will provide you with plenty of information you need to know on childbirth.

Go for a walk

Whenever you are getting screamed about your pregnancy, go out for a walk. Fresh air will enhance the mood and erase all the negativities from your mind. Moreover visiting here and there let mind to undergo change and engage in other matters.

Even you can go on a date to enjoy some quality time with your life partner. It will provide you some relaxation and help you to overcome the panic of childbirth.

Listen to songs

Listening music is the best way to escape from Tokophobia. You can listen to any genre of music you love to. It will enhance your mood and allow you to make positive approach towards your delivery by calming down the fear of it. Even you can listen to your favourite playlist before your delivery process starts.

Imagine of a better and bigger picture

When, the fear grasps you emphasis on your baby in your foetus. It is the smartest way to deal with the fear and negative thoughts. Soon, you will become overjoyed and can’t wait for the time to come when you baby will be in your lap.

Furthermore, you can spend some time more thinking about your baby’s look, weight and other things. This will eliminate you fear and you can happily go for labour.

As following these 10 tips is completely upon you, regular check up is necessary to detect the condition of your baby in the foetus. You can visit Well Woman Clinic for doing so at a regular interval of time.

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