Stress and Anxiety

Many individuals who have a problem with substance abuse also have another mental health issue that they’re dealing with. Substance abuse and other problems may feed off of each other in a way that makes it difficult to break the cycle.

For the approximately 53% of individuals who are addicted to drugs and 37% of individuals who are addicted to alcohol, at least one other serious mental issue is impacting their life.

Anxiety is one problem that they might face. Some people may also suffer from stress. Finding ways that you can cope with these if they’re pushing you toward drugs or alcohol may help you on your road to recovery.

What’s the Difference Between Anxiety and Stress?

The main difference between anxiety and stress is that anxiety is internal and stress is external. Another is that stress will come and go, but anxiety is constantly present.

Stress will typically come from factors that are out in your environment, such as a big test coming up or a disagreement with a loved one. It’s possible to turn stress into a positive thing, such as using worrying about a work project to push you to meet an important deadline.

Anxiety comes from within yourself. You may always have a feeling of dread deep within. It can interfere with the way you’re able to live your life.

How Are Stress and Anxiety the Same?

Some of the impacts of stress and anxiety are similar. They can both have physical and mental effects. These can include a change in your sleep habits, headaches, body aches, and high blood pressure. It’s possible that they can cause uneasiness and constant worry.

It’s possible that stress and anxiety can make it difficult for you to enjoy life. You may turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with these feelings. Addressing stress and anxiety may help you to avoid having to drink or use drugs.

What Can You Do to Reduce Stress and Control Anxiety?

Different things will help different people to cope with stress and anxiety. You may have to try a few options to determine what works best for you. Some ideas you might start with include:

  • Find meditation methods that can help you to calm your mind.
  • Ensure you get enough sleep by sticking to a routine and cutting back on caffeinated beverages.
  • Practice visualization or deep breathing to help center you.
  • Eat a healthy diet so your body and mind have what they need to function properly.
  • Exercise regularly to help keep your body as fit as possible.
  • Stop negative thoughts in their tracks and find the positive aspects of the situation.
  • Put together a support system of people who can help you when you feel stress or anxiety.

Where Can You Turn For Help?

Individuals who are fighting against addiction in the hope of living a sober life may need to have some help. For those looking for a rehab in Austin TX, turning to professionals may help you to find the support and techniques you need to work toward success.

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