How Contact Lenses Can Provide a Clear Vision to the Users

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Weak eyesight is the most common problem people face nowadays. Whether it’s hereditary, deficiency of any nutrient, overuse of tablets and smartphones or any other. A blurry or an unclear vision is a problem for many. To have a clear vision the best solution is the usage of glasses or contact lenses.

Bored with glasses? Or don’t wanna carry a weight of glasses any further? The best alternative that has replaced glasses to a large extent is contact lenses. The usage of contact lenses is on the rise with each passing day and millions and millions of people around the world wear contact lenses. It’s easy to carry and look your best with contact lenses. 

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Firstly, let’s understand what contact lenses are? 

To have a clear vision contact lenses are now the first choice of the users. It is a thin lens that is placed on the pupil of an eye. Lenses are generally transparent or consist of a tinge of colour. Contact lenses are usually hard or soft which are worn, by the users. Soft lenses are used to a greater extent. Contact lenses are recommended by doctors for a clear vision but it’s not long ago when contact lenses have even taken over the cosmetic industry as well. Coloured contact lenses are even in a trend which is purely used for cosmetic purposes to change the hue of your eye for special occasions. 

How contact lens works and gives a clear vision 

As your eyes move, so does your Contact lenses. It gives a natural view without obstructing your vision. Contact lenses are highly efficient to reduce vision imparity. Contact lenses correct nearsightedness and give a clear vision by diverting the direction of light rays to focus on the retina whereas contact lenses correct farsightedness by converging light rays.

As glasses get fogged and give an unclear view sometimes, contact lenses do not get blurred by any such weather condition. Contact lenses when compared to eyeglasses offer a clear and natural sight without even affecting your looks. Before opting for contact lens an eye test and eye care professional’s consultation is a must. 

Types of Contact Lenses available in the Market

Types of contact lenses

The market is filled with a variety of contact lenses, whether it’s for cosmetic use or for optical. Some type of contact lenses that are being generally used by the user: 

Soft Lenses 

Soft lenses are generally worn by users worldwide. They are made from hydrogels. Soft lenses are very thin and lightweight that can be easily placed inside the eye surface. 

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

Silicone hydrogel lenses are the most popular contact lenses nowadays. It’s trending with its popularity amongst all. The material used in this lens is more advanced allowing more oxygen to pass through the lens. 

Cosmetic Contact Lenses 

Cosmetic contact lenses are used for enhancing the beauty of your eye. It changes the hue of your eye making you look different. The advice of an eye expert before using cosmetic contact is recommended even if you have a clear vision. 

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas permeable lenses are well-known contact lenses that maintain their shape on the eye correcting any error in an eye. A little patience is required when you start using Gas permeable lenses. Give some time to your eyes to get used to it. 

Hybrid Contact lenses 

Hybrid contact lenses are designed to provide wearing comfort to the user. It gives a crystal clear view with a clear vision. 

PMMA Lenses 

PMMA lenses are similar to Gas permeable lenses which are being used years ago. As the latest development keeps on taking place, Gas permeable lenses have been completely replaced PMMA lenses as it is made of a plastic material which is not oxygen permeable. 

Contact Lens Requires a Little Care and Time 

Everything requires a little care if you want long-lasting efficient results. If you plan to go for contact lenses, some precautions are required while using it. Even though using Contact lenses are easy and handy.

Regular Cleaning 

If you are going to wear contact lenses, a regular cleaning routine for your lenses is a must. Clean them properly before keeping it in the case and before wearing it again. Keep it away from dust and bacteria as it will sit in your eyes. 

Regular Eye Check-up 

Plan a monthly visit to an eye care professional to keep your eyes healthy and out of all the infections or irritation. Be a little more sensitive if you are planning to wear contacts. 

Change Lenses on Time 

Change your contact lenses overtime after a certain period of time when you find it is now dirty and is not giving a clear vision. It’s time to replace it with a new one. If you wear disposable contact lenses, then throwing away used lenses at an appropriate time is mandatory for keeping your eyes safe and healthy. 

Remove Your Contact Lenses Before Going to Sleep 

Removing contact lenses before going to sleep overnight is considered to be safe and healthy for eye care. Maintain your regime of regularly removing Daily wear contact lenses to ensure the safety of your eyes.

Don’t get nervous if you wanna wear contact lenses instead of an eyeglass. With a valid prescription of an eye care professional find the right contact lenses or eye care solutions for you. Take your own time to get used to contact lenses, you don’t need to rush, there is another day out there you can try it again until you succeed.

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