Home Health Services Vs. Nursing Home Care

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At some point, most people will reach an age where they have trouble caring for themselves. This may be due to physical or mental limitations. It is usually a natural part of the aging process.

When this happens, your loved ones will have to make tough decisions. If you don’t have a family member who can move in with you and take care of you, the most likely options are either hiring in-home care or moving you to a nursing home.

Before making the final decision, it is well worth it to compare the two choices.

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Level of Care

Caregiving Services Wallingford CT usually offer in-home care as needed, which could mean certain hours per day or around the clock. They are quite flexible.

Senior Link explains nursing homes, since you live there, provide 24/7 care. There is always someone around to provide you the type of assistance you need.

Both in-home care and nursing homes provide medical and non-medical services. In-home care is typically much less expensive than a nursing home.

Quality of Life

In-home care allows you to stay independent and provides you with freedom. Nursing homes are more restrictive as you will have to follow the rules of the facility.

In-home care lets you do what you are still able to do, such as laundry, cooking, and bathing. In a nursing home, you won’t be able to cook for yourself or do your own laundry. You will have people who handle all of these tasks.

In-home care lets you remain active in the way you want. You can visit friends and relatives, go to the movies, or do whatever you want whenever you want to.

Nursing homes offer plenty of activities and do allow you to be social, but only within the confines of the facility. You may not be able to leave to do what you want without having someone with you and getting pre-approval.

Which To Choose?

In-home care is probably the better idea if you wish to retain your freedom and ability to do as you please. Nursing homes are best for those who need a lot of care and attention and who cannot live unsupervised.

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