5 Home Based Exercises For A Healthy Weight Loss

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The thought of hitting the gym might put you in distress due to the high monthly fee and the crowded, sweaty environment.

Does that mean you cannot lose weight? Well, no! You are wrong. If you are searching for better alternatives than opting for a gym for losing weight, why not settle for something cheaper, consistent and more effective?

Home Based Workouts‘. Yes, home based exercises are getting all the spotlight this year due to various reasons. While it is easy to workout at home without any disturbance and any strangers being around, on the other hand, it is totally free of cost.

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Home Based Exercises For A Healthy Weight Loss

Moreover, diethealthmag.com guide you on working out a home is trouble free as one can exercises any time of the day, with one’s favorite tunes, whether in pajamas or a 2 piece!

Exercise Ethics

Just like everything else, before exercising, one needs to understand the concept of it. While there will be no fitness trainer present in front of you to guide you, it is imperative you know about the underlining rules beforehand.

Warm up

Warming up is crucial. A warm up basically helps start our engine for exercise by warming up our muscles and pumping the blood flow so that our body prepares for the exercises to follow.

Pre Workout Meals

While people think pre workout foods do not play an important role in losing weight, to their amazement, they actually do. Enjoy a pre workout meal at least half an hour before exercise and have a super charged workout session.

Post Workout Meals

Post workout meals are equally important as they help regain the lost strength, stamina and help boost the energy levels.

Body Form

Body form and posture during exercise is imperative to follow as you wouldn’t want to hurt your muscle groups.

Reps and Timing

It is ideal to follow a set pattern of reps in a given amount of time to achieve the desired results.

Now that you are aware of the basics, let us move onto the fun part, ‘The exercises’!

Exercise 1: Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a fun way to continue your warm up and extend your muscle tension. By starting with jumping jacks, you show your body that it should prepare itself for tougher exercises to follow.

Most importantly, jumping jacks are ideal for weight loss and fat burning as this exercise targets all muscle groups on the whole.

Indulge in a jumping jack session for 40 seconds and let your cardio workout begin. As one set completes, do another set after 20 seconds.

Exercise 2: Jumping Squats

If you feel your lower body needs fitness, jumping squats are the answer. Jumping squats are no different than the regular squats apart from the jumps.

This exercise focuses on your inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes, calve muscles; basically the legs on the whole.

Right after jumping jacks, position your body for regular squats (feet wider than shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent with back straight).

After forcing a squat push downwards, when you come back up, add a jump as high as you can and then come back to the resting position. Repeat a set of 3, 15 each.

Exercise 3: Planks

Planks are the best exercise for toning the body as they target the overall body. While planks are difficult to do and require practice and precision, nonetheless, you can get the hang of them with time.

Lie down on the floor and get into a pushup position with back straight. Align your forearms right below the shoulders at a 90 degree angle as if resting on the forearms. Keep them shoulder width apart or less.

Now that you put your body weight on your forearms are toes, stay in this position for as long as you can (40 seconds). Rest and Repeat 2 more times.

Exercise 4: Burpees

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and go down for a squat. In the same flow, jump back and get into a push up position. ( do a single pushup).

In the same flow, get back into a frog seated position and them jump up as if touching the ceiling. Repeat the same routine and do 5-15 reps.

Exercise 5: Lunges

Lunges are another perfect exercise for the lower body. Stand straight and place one foot in front of the other (a few inches apart).

Now lower your front foot at 90 degrees and let your legs feel the stress. Come back to the original position and repeat for the other leg.

Various exercise physiologists suggest that losing weight is highly effective if done at home through exercise if one is up to the challenge by staying consistent and motivated.

For this reason, we bring you the 5 basic exercises which will take no more than 30 minutes of your time but will surely help you lose up to 10 pounds within weeks!

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