Herbal Powder Factors to Keep in Mind

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We know that herbs are good for us. Every home remedy and traditional medicine from Indian to Chinese — relies on herbs to address a litany of health problems — from a pesky cold to knee pain. Herbs are nature’s miracle workers, a gift from its bounty to ensure good health and fortune for all of us.

Herbal powders have made the intake of herbal remedies easier because we don’t have to actually look for the herbs and distill them for consumption. But like anything you take in your body, you must be careful of herbal powders as well. Herbal powders are obviously great for the body, but are you sure of what you are taking? It’s always a good idea to know more about such powders and herbal powder suppliers.

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Herbal powders come under Phytopharmaceuticals

Although herbal medicine is rightly seen as an important and effective alternative to allopathic medicine, it is not recognised widely as a medicine. The US agency FDA, for instance, does not see it as a medicine. However, the WHO under its Traditional Medicine Strategy has vowed to focus on promoting the safe usage, quality and efficacy of herbal medicine. It is also committed to improve our knowledge of herbs and in establishing proper regulatory and quality standards.

Accordingly, different countries have their own way of recognising and regulating herbal medicines. In the US, herbal medicines are not recognised as medicine, but as dietary supplements.In India, herbal powders come under the AYUSH ministry. The Indian government recognizes herbal remedies as ASU drugs. ASU stands for Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani. The herbal remedies must meet the regulatory standards of the ministry and meet certain criteria to be recognized as a ASU drugs.

But it is important to understand here that every herbal powder is not a medicine. Many powders are just that an herb which has been dried under controlled circumstances and powdered. A medicinal concoction usually follows a recipe or a combination of drugs and other permitted ingredients. When you buy from herbal powder suppliers, you must be aware of these critical factors. Not every herbal powder is a medicine.

Read the label of Herbal Powder Products

This cannot be emphasised enough. Always read the label of any food you are taking, including herbal powders. Manufacturers are required to put certain critical information on their labels so that people can make an informed choice. So, always read the label to know what you are buying. Check the ingredients to be sure of the herb or herbs. Make sure that there is no additional matter, especially any chemicals.

It should also carry the name and address of the herbal powder suppliers. You should also look for an AYUSH or an equivalent seal of approval. Also make a note of the serving size. Remember, some herbs are powerful and taking more than the prescribed amount is not recommended.

Know if Herbal Powder suits you

We know that herbs are good for all of us. But not all herbs are universally applicable for all conditions or are even recommended. For instance, some herbs can react adversely with certain medications, like blood thinners or aspirin. So, if you are already taking some kind of medication, such as blood pressure medication, find out if the herb is suitable for you. Some herbs are not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. You should also keep in mind that dosage for children varies from adults. It is best to meet a doctor before taking herbal powders as medication.

Know about Herbal Powder Manufacturer

It is always a good idea to find out more about the manufacturer. Herbal powder suppliers form a rather large segment — from cottage industries to big corporations. Check the contact details and visit the website. The website will usually carry details like certifications from reliable authorities, such as ISO certifications.

One of the main concerns with herbal remedies is possible contamination. Hence, you should also look at the sourcing of the ingredients. Always go for organic manufacturers. They will ensure that there are no impurities or contaminants in the product — a critical requirement in ensuring the purity and effectiveness of any herbal remedy. If you are in any doubt, you can also call the suppliers.

These are the factors you should keep in mind when buying herbal powders. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations or if it is safe for you to take a particular herb.

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