Healthy Habits For Life To Maintain Good Health & Fitness

Get Healthy Now By Changing Lifestyle, Habits & Behaviors. Know How To Make a Healthy Habits For Weight Loss. If you spend your few minutes from your daily routine activities, you can be fit, fine and healthy. If you don’t believe this, just try below mentioned topics in your routine activity till next 6 months, you will notice how it helped you to be stress free and active.

Medicines, While Going for Sleep

If you have allergy or any other problem of stress and you need to take medicines daily; then you should take medicines in night after dinner only, while you are going to sleep. Because those kinds of medicines feel like you bored and you might get stressed. After taking these kinds of medicines, you need rest. It’s better to take these kinds of medicines in night time only.

Maximum hours of Sleep

In normal case, human required up to 8 hours a sleep. But in some case, when you are sick or tired, you may need extra hours for sleep. After completing proper sleep, your mind will be fresh after rest of few hours. After international study research, person need comfortable pillow first for better sleep. Make sure height of pillow must be maximum 6 inches. Also keep changing direction while sleeping, so all of your body muscles get relaxed.

Healthy Habits For Fitness

More Ice in Soft Drinks

Please avoid soft drinks. If it’s necessary to drink it, please add more ice cubes in soft drinks. Soft Drinks contain chemicals in drinks. Those are not good for health, if you directly drink them. So, just for precaution, if you add more ice cubes, it will convert in to water and then it will be safe to drink. Here you may get low sugar level in drinks, with the comparison to water.

No More TV or Movies

When you are free at your home and enjoying holiday in from of TV Set, please take break for this and do minor walking in your room. Try light exercises, crunching, strokes and do hands and leg movement it will exercising your muscles and will be fit.

No More Seating

Don’t seat more than an hour at one place. As per research, who do work in office or in front of computers have 32% more chances of heart attack compare to others. So, keep a habit of stand up after 1 hour for your leg muscles as well your eyes. 5 minutes of break after 1 hour will be good for your legs, back and eyes.

These are very common ways of body care which we should follow. If we follow this on regular basis, we can have benefits of these practice / exercise.

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