Why Handmade Cosmetics are Becoming the Rage in India

The history of cosmetics is probably as old as mankind. Men and women have used different ingredients in an attempt to beautify themselves as far back as the cave man. The motivation behind it could be attracting the opposite sex, improving one’s appearance or as a mark of one’s class and station in life.

Today cosmetics are a mammoth global industry with trillion dollar revenues and some of the most recognized and loved names. The reasons for its popularity remain much the same, only now there is serious money behind it. But despite this fiercely competitive state, handmade cosmetics India has made a significant impact in the domestic market.

Handmade cosmetics
Today when we talk about handmade cosmetics, we are not necessarily talking about the facial lotions and potions your grandma could make. After all, who has the time to make those? Here we are talking about companies that have made such products their USP. These could range from big corporations dealing in luxury products to small cottage industries that are run in collaboration with artisans.

Whatever the scale, there is little doubt that handmade products have emerged as a new, but aggressive little sector. With a number of contenders each product has to stand on its own in terms of quality and price to survive. But there are many reasons why handmade cosmetics have made a niche for them.

Safe for the skin:
Most skin products that we use contain chemicals that include acids and alkaline. In short quantity these may not matter, but in large quantities these can cause serious harm to our body. When we apply these to our body every day, these chemicals are absorbed into our blood stream, amassing in quantity over time.

On the other hand, most handmade cosmetics India are made of organic products. Some are made from ingredients that are found in our kitchen and home. These are often products that are beneficial for our health and our skin.

Safe for the environment:
Many mass produced products that contain chemicals pose a challenge to our environmental balance. Certain chemicals like those present in our soaps mingle in the water and wash away into the earth. In some cases the manufacturing processes fault on given standards. Handmade products, on the other hand, mostly use completely natural ingredients that are found in nature and hence, leave no harmful residue. Unlike many chemical products, most handmade products also claim to conduct no animal testing.


Luxury product:
Handmade cosmetics manufacturers were quick to realize that they could not compete with the big brands in terms of sheer marketing blitz. Mostly belonging to the SME sector they did not have the manpower or the technical, budget or the technical know-how to tread the aggressive cosmetics markets that we have today.

These companies could rarely go for mass produce line-ups or the vast distribution required to counter conventional products. To top it all, there was the price factor. By insisting on using the best ingredients, handmade goods also cannot benefit in the raw material costs. The trick was in creating a niche where their lack of vast networking could be explained as exclusiveness! This would also counter their price factor. By positioning these as luxury products, the manufacturers found the perfect solution.


With rising awareness of their quality, a  number of handmade cosmetic manufacturers have also created a unique business identity, one that is attractive to bigger business. Many of these businesses, including international luxury goods manufacturers, consequently tied-up with smaller manufacturers in a bid to enter this market. This was a win-win situation for all. While the larger corporation benefitted from an exclusive set-up, the smaller partner benefitted from the marketing might and markets that the larger companies brought with them.

Global positioning:
Over the years handmade products India have carved out their unique identity. In the international markets they have positioned themselves as organic and niche products. This gives them access to an exclusive, but rapidly growing market segment.

Handmade cosmetics are have been used since time immemorial by men and women to beautify themselves. Today handmade cosmetics India have come a long distance. With million dollar tie-ups and exclusive products, this is a rapidly growing market.

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