Hair Spa Treatment at Home In 4 Steps

Elevate self-care with a home hair spa. Experience professional pampering, promoting strength and gorgeousness.

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Indulge in luxury with a rejuvenating hair spa at home. Restore shine and vitality to your locks with expert care.

Winters are gone, and it is now time to welcome sunny days and sweaty hair. Your hair is excessively prone to sun damage during summers and it needs a lot of care and attention.

The best way to ensure this is through a “Hair Spa”, which can restore the ‘health of your hair’.

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Transform your space into a serene salon. Revitalize your hair with a DIY spa, nourishing from roots to tips.

What Exactly Does Hair Spa Do?

If you are going in for hair spa, the spa therapist will first have a look at what kind of hair you have, the quality, etc. Then you are offered suitable packs and remedies. Few spas also offer a protein treatment for the hair. The main idea is to protect and rejuvenate the hair. Also, the serum is mixed along with the conditioner and applied to the hair. After oiling and then shampooing, a deep-conditioning pack or mask made using natural ingredients is applied on the hair and is slowly massaged well.

4 Steps for Hair Spa Treatment at Home

A hair spa does not just mean pampering your hair with massage. Spa also provides essential nutrients to your hair, with many other packs. Four essentials of hair spa are: Oil massage, mask, shampoo and conditioner.

Massage the scalp: This is the very first step to get started with any hair treatment at home. Slightly warm some olive oil or coconut oil and massage your scalp with this. It increases your blood circulation and also boosts fresh hair growth.

#1. Steam your hair:

You can dip the towel in hot water and then squeeze out the excess water. Wrap the towel tightly around your hair. This will allow the oil to go deep into your scalp. Continue doing this for around 5-six minutes.

#2. Wash the Hair:

Now, using a mild shampoo, wash the hair. Use cold water only since hot water is not good for the hair roots.

#3. Apply the Conditioner:

After the shampooing, now use the conditioner. You may also use water of tea leaves into which few drops of lime juice are added. You can also try the paste of grated beetroot into which you need to add hibiscus powder. Hibiscus flower powder is amazing base and is very rich in iron and also other vitamins. Rinse this off after about half an hour using only warm water. Do not use shampoo.

#4. At last, Hair Mask

The final step is important as it seals the nourishment. You can try to make this mask at home. Mix two eggs, coconut oil and honey in a bowl. You can also add a ripe banana into this since banana acts as a softener. You also can use olive oil in place of coconut oil. Now leave this mask on for about 20 minutes and then rinse it with a mild shampoo.

Once your hair dries, you will notice the change in your hair. The texture will improve and your hair will feel good and soft. Hair spa at home can be done once a week.

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