10 Different Kinds of Foods You Need To Avoid If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

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It is believed and said that the foods you generally eat turn out to have a major effect on your weight and body. Foods like full fat yogurt, coconut oil and eggs easily help in reducing the weight. Other foods especially the one that are processed and refined products can make you gain weight at ease. Given below are the 10 different kinds of foods you need to avoid if you trying to lose weight.

Soya Sauce:
Despite being in the low calories, soya sauce even today is considered to be high on sodium leaving you bloated and increasing the risk of hypertension. Instead you can try for the low sodium soya sauce options that are easily made available these days but not significantly lower when compared to the regular ones. So try and use this sparingly.

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The Iced Tea:
Almost every kind of pre-sweetened ice tea from a restaurant or from the bottle is usually a bad idea says Ansel. Though this might seem to be very light, but an iced tea does contain more of added sugar like having a soda. This is generally packed in 20 –oz single serve bottles making it really very easy enough to know back 175 calories and 11 teaspoons of sugar she says. So if you are planning to pick away a tea pack while on the way to work then do make sure that you read the labels carefully.

Frozen Meals:
Having the fresh ingredients last extra last in the freezer, the food manufacturers often load the meals with sodium and natural preservative. Sodium makes you retain water which will not just bloat you up but will also lead you to some kind of irritation. So you will never look and feel the best regardless of how much weight you have been trying to loose.

White Bread:
White bread is generally considered to be highly redefined and contains a lot of sugar in it. White bread is usually considered to be high in glycaemic index spiking your blood sugar levels. In a study conducted by the researchers found that 9267 people were found eating two slices of white bread per day, and was linked to 40% greater risk of weight and obesity. However do keep in mind that all the white breads do contain gluten, and some other options include cornbread and almond flour bread.

Candy Bars:
Candy bars are usually considered to be the unhealthiest ones. They have a lot of added sugar, oil, and the last but not the least refined floor into a smaller package. Candy bars are generally considered to be high enough in calories and low enough in nutrients. An average size candy bars generally contains 200 – 300 calories and extra-large bars contain even more. Unfortunately candy bars are available everywhere. They are even placed in stores tempting consumers buying them impulsively.

Even the average wine drinkers generally consume upto 2000 calories every month. A glass of sparkling white though may turn out to be innocuous but its effects can definitely hinder your weight loss. And according to a study conducted by the diet expert Robert C Atkins, alcohol is the very first thing that your body burns it moves on to anything else. So by the time your body gets rid of alcohol from your system you will never ever burn any fat.

Salted Nuts:
Although salted nuts are considered to be a great source of protein they are still considered to be your biggest enemy. You continue to reach into the can for a handful of nuts and before you come to know about it, you have actually consumed more than your daily allotment of calories. So all that you need to do is monitor your intake of salted nuts, and are better for you if you are less likely to continue eating them mindlessly due to the lack of sodium.

Most Pasta:
Pasta is considered to be good when it comes to energy, whereas most of them are simple carbs that quickly get processed in your body sending your blood sugar on the roller coaster ride that all the dieters are dead. So do make sure that you don’t just avoid pasta completely but limit it to the whole wheat varieties so that you get all the nutrients with none of the sugar spikes.

White Potatoes:
Rating high on the glycaemic index of White Microwave Bread, white potatoes increase your blood sugar level and then causing it to drop, which is exactly what you don’t wish to happen when trying to look at your food intake. You are better off eating potatoes instead because they do not have any such effect.

Tuna packed in oil:
Tuna helps in providing you a good amount of vitamin c, manganese and zinc, but packing it in oil it also gives you a lot of fat. While picking up canned tuna do make sure that they are packed in water so that you don’t go off course with your weight loss.

To Conclude:
The worst food in terms of weight loss are the highly processed junk food. These are foods that are typically loaded with added sugar, redefined food and or added fats. So if you are not sure whether the food is healthy or not then do make sure that you read the label. Do watch out for the different names of sugar and misleading claims. So what other foods would you like to add to the list above. Do leave your thoughts below.

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