Exercises To Shrink Stomach Fat Fast

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If you are looking for ways to shrink your belly fat fast and get those six-pack abs, then you need to do some exercises that will help you get real results quickly and consistently.

Here are the top 8 exercises that will help melt down your fat and get those six packs ab.

8 Exercises To Shrink Stomach Fat Fast

#1. Walking And Running

Yes, walking and running would help you in reducing your belly fat. When you exercise, your acquired calories burn, and It significantly reduces your fat percentage.

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So, it will target not only your stomach fat but also other regions of your body. The only equipment you need for it is just a good pair of sports shoes.

#2. Elliptical Trainer

If you do not have healthy joints and are thinking of checking out an exercise to reduce belly fat, you must have this equipment: elliptical trainer.

This equipment offers a low impact cardio and intense workout. So, you can quickly burn a tremendous amount of calories by spending a few minutes on this machine.

#3. Bicycling

It is a low impact cardio exercise that effectively works on your thighs and abdomen region. An average person can quickly get rid of 200 to 500 calories during a half-hour workout session.

It elevates cardiovascular fitness and helps in making your bones and muscles strong. Furthermore, it can increase your stress level.

#4. Vertical leg crunch

It is similar to your leg crunch. But in this, you need to keep your legs straight that will make your abs workout harder. Therefore, it intensifies your workout session.

#5. Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunch serves as the better option of regular crunch. It will help in building core strength and makes your stomach flat. You can also target your other core muscles.

You have to lift your feet off the ground and raise your thighs. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle throughout the whole movement.

Now you have to bring your feet towards your face and take it faraway too without lifting your mid-back portion from the mat.

#6. Side Bend

It will help you in strengthening and stretching obliques to avoid the muffin top effects. You can even do sideways dumbbell side bends that will help you in strengthening your obliques. It targets the transverse abdominis.

#7. Forearm Plank

Forearm plank might look simple to you, but it will effectively help to make your core muscles strong. It merely affects your diaphragm, abs and pelvic region.

When you can do it for continuous 60 seconds, then you become eligible for more complicated planks. It stretches your feet, calves, hamstrings and shoulders.

#8. Bridge Exercise

This exercise will not only work on your abs but also make your thighs and glutes healthy. Bridges will help in building up your stamina and increase your metabolism.

For doing this exercise, you need to raise your hips and create a straight line from the knees to shoulder. You have to squeeze your core and pull the belly button backwards to your spine.


In today’s time, getting a flat stomach symbolises health and fitness. Here, we have tried to tell you eight exercises through which you can reduce your belly fat.

It will surely help you in getting the perfect shape. For More Latest Exercise Updates, and Information about How To Shrink Stomach Fat Fast, Visit Ehealth Spider.

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