5 Eating Habits that can be making you fat

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Nobody likes an inappropriate weight. Under-weight people want to gain weight and people suffering from obesity or over-weight try to figure out the ways to lose weight easily.

Everyone wants to stay in their best shape and it’s quite frustrating when you do not know the reason for your weight gain. Sometimes you would not know how but just your daily habits are enough to make you gain weight.

Your lifestyle and you’re eating habits that can be making you fat, even if you are not much of a reckless eater. Surprising?

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Alright! How many of you love to have biscuits with your evening tea of coffee. Or maybe a piece of cake for a treat. Because it’s just one tiny piece or a few biscuits right? How many times do you end up finishing a complete packet of biscuits instead of just a few?

Or maybe just one samosa doesn’t make you fulfilled and you reach out to a few more. Not just those, but much lesser-known reasons/habits can be making you fat without coming into your conscious. But, how to control that?

How to take notice that if you are not making any mistake unknowingly?

We have prepared a 101 guide about the eating habits that can be the reason you are getting fat.

Top 5 Eating Habits That Can be Making You Fat

Top 5 Eating Habits

A little here, a little more there. Some in the morning and some before you sleep. Sometimes, these petty things can sum-up to a lot of damage to your body weight without even bringing it to your notice.

If you believe that you try to control your diet a lot, but still somehow end-up gaining weight while your colleagues manage to stay slim and fit. Then there can be multiple reasons why that is happening to you.

Let’s figure that out together in the next 2 minutes of read. You never know what may hit your situation. 

#1. Packaged/ Processed Food is the Basic Diet

Processed Food

There is a very thin line between eating healthy food and thinking that you eat healthy food. Do not feel perplexed if I tell you that your breakfast corn-flakes may not be as healthy as you think them to be.

Your dips and sauces that are used a lot in many dressings and garnishing are mostly full of trans-fat, excessive sugar and salt content. So, think twice before putting them your grocery basket if you are trying to lose weight.

#2. You Do not Focus on Portions in Your Meals

Portions in Your Meals

Along with ‘what’, ‘how much’ is another thing that matters when you are trying to lose weight. Even if you are making a healthy breakfast as idly, it would not make a difference in your calorie count if you do not eat them in a limit.

Do not end up having them without any count. Similar is with your rotis. They are a good diet food and full of fibre but only when you eat them in a limit. Always begin with less and eat little more if you still feel hungry. That is the way to stop overdoing in your meal-portions.

#3. Food and Screen is a Must to You

Food and Screen

A plate full of your dinner and your favourite Netflix series might sound very tempting, but it can be one of the reasons why you gain weight without eating much.

Not like any relation between fat and the screen, but the reason behind possible weight gain is that while you eat and binge watch T.V at the same time, you possible would not be able to focus on what and how you are eating your food.

You might not be able to keep a check on your meal portion and end up over-eating at times. So, try to avoid the screen while eating.

#4. You Have a very Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle

A certain amount of activity is very necessary for our body to stay healthy and fit. People who have a lifestyle that includes very less movement and activities are more prone to gaining weight.

8-9 hours of hectic desk jobs, then slipping straight into bed after a fulfilling dinner can be a very possible reason that you gain weight very easily. Try to make a work-out schedule in the morning for at least 20-30 minutes. Take a small walk after each meal and you will see a noticeable change in your body.

#5. Water is not Your Only Drink

fizzy soda drinks

By this, we mean that you feel free to indulge in sugary and malt-based drinks very often in your lifestyle. The fizzy soda drinks that you always buy in a combo with your food in the worst thing that you can put in your body.

Lemonades, mojito, milk-shakes, and other mocktail drinks that you get in the market and laden with loads of sugar and can be one of the food habits that might be making your fat.

Rather switch to home-made drinks like lemonade with controlled ingredients and natural sugars, lassi, shikanji etc. Home-made is the best you can eat or drink.


Apart from that, take control of the quality of the foods that you eat. The burger and fries that we fondly bite on to are not just high on Trans fats, but also they are loaded with multiple chemicals, additives and preservatives which are the reason of increasing obesity among the kids and adults of the nation.

Cook fresh meals at homes with all the ingredients that are sourced by yourself. Stay connected to nature and natural lifestyle. Little changes here and there can make a lot of difference in your body.

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