How Depression can Cause Hair Loss?

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Stress is a very common problem in our busy lives. Stress encompasses anything and everything as long as it has a direct impact on your metabolism.

Medical experts and dermatologists have clearly accepted stress as a negative factor which can create a detrimental effect on your human system.

Research studies from various sources state that, stress have a direct impact on the loss of hair and can even turn your hair gray.

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Hair Loss Depression

Some research studies reveal that, stress might cause an irreversible damage to the DNA in cells. This in turn can reduce the production of a pigment known as melanin. Reduction in production of melanin can cause in graying of hair at an early age as well.

For the young aged population, as well as teenagers, stress can cause inexplicable loss of hair. This is due to the hormonal changes that occur as a result of stress. Most medical experts have related stress with lifestyle factors. However, experts have also agreed to the fact that, hair loss caused due to stress is controllable to a large extent & can be treated with hair transplant in pune.

What’s Stressing You?

Stress is a very common word which takes into consideration a lot of factors. As per interviews given by medical experts, there are several factors which can cause stress. These factors can well be related to your family, friends or your workplace. But different factors have different kinds of impact on your respective metabolism.

Factors which create a direct impact do necessarily have an intense outcome. For example workplace stress creates an intense outcome, as most often, we need to face that daily. Medical experts constantly warn you against intense stress as this can reverse the flow of body metabolism. As a matter of fact stress at an intense level, may cause serious damages to the human body. Dermatologists and skin care experts besides hair care specialists warn common people to take care of stress early in life. Loss of hair can be one of the major symptoms that you are at severe stress.

How to avoid stress?

Avoiding stress is an art as per medical experts. But, at the same time, it is very much essential in order to carry out a healthy lifestyle. But a major question that crops up in front of the today’s generation is how to cope up with stress. This is a very complicated issue although it is necessary to lead a healthy life.

The key towards avoiding stress is to manage the factors related to your lifestyle. Having a proper diet is one of the very basic factors I managing stress. Keep green leafy vegetables in your diet, in addition to rich animal protein. This will help in combating the cell degeneration process which happens as a result of stress. Next important issue is, to have a good night’s sleep. Please remember that, sleep rejuvenates your body to a large extent. Make it a point to go to bed at a particular time. This will help your body clock to adjust on a continuous basis.

Medical experts suggest that, yoga and meditation plays an important role in managing stress. Yoga relates to special postures of your body, which help in attaining fitness. Yoga relaxes the mind and keeps the body metabolism synchronized. Meditation if done continuously can bring mental peace. At the same time, it rejuvenates your body and mind simultaneously.


Stress has become an integrated component of our daily lifestyles. However, stress can create a major change as far as human body metabolism is concerned. Loss of hair can be related to daily life stress since it causes hormonal imbalance. Stress needs to be controlled in order to mitigate the impact on our body mechanism. Having a healthy diet in addition to a good night’s sleep contributes a lot, in managing stress. Practicing yoga and meditation can actually help in relieving stress to a large extent.

Ricky martin is the editor of NHT. With over three years of blogging experience in the niche of health & beauty. He is the true believer of the hair transplant surgery as a best baldness solution. He also has faith in natural remedies for hair loss treatment.

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