What are the Purposes of Day Cream and Night Cream?

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The way our body functions with the help of food, similarly, our skin remains smooth and active with creams. Your skin also needs to wake up calls from time to time, and it stands essential to listen to them.

Creams help in keeping your skin smooth, hydrated, and healthy in the long run. Many lotions have added benefits such as anti– ageing formulations, sun protection, and much more.

Daily use creams are mainly divided into day and night creams. Both products have separate roles, and it is essential to understand the purpose of feeding your skin correctly.

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Purpose of Day cream

Face creamMany of us sip a coffee first thing in the morning to wake up our bodies.

Similarly, our skin needs to wake up too. The first need for our skin is to get washed and hydrated right away.

Day creams are a perfect wake-up call for our skin, and it helps to maintain its quality and texture in the long run.

As soon as we step out of our house, we face many winds, sun rays, dirt and pollution, and we cannot imagine how much damage it would do to our face and skin.

We all need a protective layer under which our skin can bloom.

Here are the reasons why Day creams are a must.

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#1. Sun protection

Protecting our skin from the sun is extremely important as it can cause skin burns, rashes, fine lines, and many wrinkles at an early age.

It also damages the skin’s pores, making its quality even worse. Most of the day, creams today come with the additional benefit of Sun protection, so it cuts out the need for different products in your makeup bag.

Day cream comes with such use. It has SPF 25 protection with UV filters. Adds glow to dull skin and controls the rapid aging of the skin. All these features make the day cream the perfect choice for the skin.

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#2. Healthy and Hydrated skin

Our skin is built of several layers, and lots of wear and tear happens when we step out into pollution, which gets toxic over time.

Day cream helps heal and hydrate the skin to eliminate damage. It acts as a protective layer and does not let pollutants enter the skin and destroy the cells.

The product is paraben and mineral-oil-free and is a perfect choice for all skin types.

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Purpose of Night cream

Many people underestimate the essence of night cream and its magic that happens overnight.

Since the consistency of a night cream is thick and highly concentrated than the usual day creams and moisturizers, our cells soak all the nutrition. Hence, having a better texture and healthy skin every morning.

Night cream is one such product that can be trusted with closed eyes. It has all the nutrition and benefits without any chemicals harming the skin. Here are some of the top honours.

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#1. Anti-ageing benefits

Our skin starts losing collagen as we age, which is the primary reason our youngness fades. Decreased collagen leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and a dull face.

Night cream boosts the collagen stored inside and helps in anti-ageing. Night cream comes with such added benefit. It also has antioxidant properties and adds firmness to the skin.

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#2. Even skin complexion

Many of us would notice that our skin is patched with uneven skin tones and all of us dream of having an actual skin color.

A good night cream would do this job perfectly. After applying the cream, you will notice even skin along with a smooth texture of skin.

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#3. Elastic skin

With time, our skin loses its elasticity and night creams are proven to restore its elasticity. Faces Canada night cream is your go-to product if you have been searching for a magical wand to help you with such benefit.

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