Careers in Natural Health

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The use of holistic medicine practices, including yoga, meditation and chiropractors, have increased among U.S. adults, according to a survey by National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Between 2012 and 2017, yoga increased by nearly 5%, while the use of meditation increased by more than 10%.

Natural health is both a lifestyle and a philosophy that promotes healthy living through physical, mental and emotional well-being. It recognizes human bodies as self-sufficient and promotes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease using natural therapies and medicines. There are a variety of careers in the field, and the skills can be learned in natural health courses winnipeg.

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Here are four professions individuals interested in a natural health career can pursue.

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Counselors help individuals, families, couples or groups of people address and manage issues or difficulties affecting their mental and emotional well being. A counselor can work in a variety of settings, such as a hospital, nonprofit, private practice or clinic.

In the natural health field, counselors use natural or complementary medicine approaches to help patients heal. These natural medicine applications, such as hypnosis, nutrition and biofeedback, can be learned through natural health courses Winnipeg.

Health Coaching

A health coach takes into account an individual’s entire health, including diet, sleep habits, stress, relationships and other lifestyle factors in order to provide coaching, guidance and support to help clients reach their health goals.

A health coach provides their client with a plan that outlines small, actionable steps to take toward meeting their bigger health goal. This helps clients stay consistent on their path without becoming overwhelmed. Health coaches focus on creating personalized plans for each client using the methods and treatments that work best for them.


Nutritionists also take a holistic approach to health, similar to a health coach, to provide a more personalized treatment and meal plan based on their client’s individuals needs and goals. The main role of a nutritionist is to provide clients a diet plan and to counsel the client regularly as they make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Those who pursue a career path as a nutritionist can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, outpatient centers, physicians’ offices or nursing facilities. However, many nutritionists are self-employed, which means they operate their own business and are responsible for building their own client base. Those interested in a career as a nutritionist can get training through natural health courses Winnipeg.

The natural health industry is growing, and with it comes many opportunities for career paths that help others to improve their overall health and wellness. Those interested in a career in natural health should consider formal training to become equipped with the knowledge needed to become a counselor, health coach or nutritionist.

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