Cambridge Weed Dispensary and Marijuana Grading Systems

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There is a grading system to buy weed in Cambridge. Plus, purchasing marijuana becomes more convenient for cannabis users when considering the weed grading system.

It is also essential for cannabis users to get top-notch marijuana to ensure they enjoy the high. You can also benefit from cannabis the best if you utilize high-quality marijuana strains.

Besides, you can buy top-notch marijuana strains from a reputable Cambridge weed dispensary. In addition, you can purchase top-notch marijuana from top online weed dispensaries, too. I Love Smoke is one of them.

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What Is a Cannabis Grading System?

The cannabis grading system tells you precisely what you are getting from your flowers. There are various types of cannabis grading systems. Nonetheless, the easiest to understand the flower quality is the A-AAAA.

The cannabis mentioned above grading system accurately represents an evaluation and lab results. Here is how cannabis users rate the quality of weed strains in Cambridge:

AA Quality Grade Weed Strains:

AA Grade strains are also known as Dubs or Mids. These strains are also great for beginner weed users.

In other words, AA weed strains have a low THC proportion, making them the right choice for beginners. However, AA weed strains have a decent size.

Still, these strains lack aroma/smell, burn density/appearance, and potency.

AAA Quality Grade Cannabis Strains:

AAA quality grade strains are also known as Trips. AAA weed strains are of good quality with a poorer bud density and aesthetics than AAAA weed strains.

AAA-grade weed strains are potent strains with a pungent smell. AAA quality grade misses its mark from AAAA weed strains regarding burns and their appearance. The ash of AAA weed strains is peppery/dark than clean or white.

AAAA Quality Grade Cannabis Strains:

AAAA cannabis-grade strains are also known as Quads or premium weed strains. They are the best weed strains that are dank and pungent.

Plus, you can buy these budget-friendly strains from reputable weed dispensaries. In addition, there are also AAAAA weed strains, known as high quads, with the same characteristics and attributes as AAAA weed strains.

How to Determine the Quality of Your Strains

Apart from the level of THC or CBD, there are other ways to determine the quality of your strains.

Even low-potency cannabis strains can be high-quality flowers. You can evaluate the quality of flowers you may buy from the Cambridge weed dispensary as follows:

#1. Flower Structure:

Flowers or buds are smokable and trichomes-covered parts of a cannabis plant. Top-notch flowers are soft, spongy, and sticky, with evenly-shaped buds and a good amount of symmetry.

Further, mid-shelf flowers are wet and dry and may contain a few stems. Plus, bottom-shelf flowers have a brownish and off-color appearance and earthy smell. Reputable weed dispensaries deal in top-shelf flowers.

#2. Trichomes Density:

Trichomes are hair-like structures on buds of the cannabis plant that contain THC and trigger the high.

Top-shelf flowers have trichomes that protect cannabis from pests and the sun. Mid-shelf flowers have moderate yet frosty trichomes. Bottom-shelf flowers have non-existent trichomes.

#3. Terpenes Profile:

Terpenes in cannabis flowers are responsible for their distinct aromas. They work with compounds to produce the effects and therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. Flowers with a strong odor are of the best quality.

#4. Burn:

The burning and consistency of cannabis ashes can also aid you in determining the quality of flowers. You can identify the best cannabis flowers while looking for their curing time.

More curing time indicates better quality marijuana. Further, the best flowers leave white ashes, whereas poor-quality cannabis leaves black to dark brown ash.

#5. Flavor and Effect:

Each cannabis-grade weed strain has a unique flavor profile and effects. Usually, cannabis flavors have fruity, woodsy, or earthy tones, specifically if your flowers are of decent quality.

Poor-quality cannabis flowers have musty and harsh flavors. Thus, you can also determine the quality of cannabis flowers via their new and distinct flavor profiles.

These are different ways to determine the quality of cannabis strains besides only relying on the cannabis grade system.


There is a grading system to buy cannabis in Cambridge. Buying weed based on the weed grading system also lets you know about the quality of your marijuana flowers.

The most straightforward cannabis grading system to understand marijuana quality is A-AAAA. Besides you can also order your marijuana flowers from a Cambridge weed dispensary based on the cannabis grading system.

AA-grade weed strains contain lower THC content and are ideal for beginners. AAA quality flowers are top-notch cannabis flowers. However, AAA-grade cannabis flowers have poor bud density and aesthetics compared to AAAA weed strains.

You can also determine the quality of marijuana flowers with the aid of the following:

  • Flower Structure
  • Trichomes Density
  • Terpenes Profile
  • Burn
  • Flavor and Effect

Lastly, make sure you buy marijuana flowers from a reputable weed dispensary to have the best experience with cannabis flowers.

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