Best Cancer Treatment Centers

Getting diagnosed with cancer can have a devastating impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing. In that state of despair, you will be asked to make important decisions related to your medical care. One of these decisions involves choosing a cancer doctor. This is a crucial step in determining the success of your treatment and ensuring your survival.

Having said that, in this article we will share some crucial steps in helping you find the Best Cancer Doctor in Mumbai. Read on to learn more!

Check your insurance coverage

The cost of finding an oncologist will be covered by your insurance provider. Therefore, it is the first step in determining where to look. You can ask for your insurance provider to give you a list of doctors that are on the panel and approved by your cover. You can also read the terms and conditions at the back of the cover to get information about eligible doctors designated by your policy.

Look for other providers as well

Cancer is a serious condition that requires more than one person to tackle the disease. Other than a physician and an oncologist, your cancer team will also consist or radiation oncologist, physical therapist, surgeons etc. When you are looking for a cancer specialist, it would be a good idea to simultaneously look for a treatment center that will meet your certain requirements.

Find a center close to home

Finding a cancer doctor also involves ensuring that they are closer to home. This will allow you to reach for help when you are feeling unwell. However, it is not always possible to have a cancer center nearby. To ensure that you get proper care, you must find a cancer center that is easily accessible or connect with family members/friends close to one where you can stay during your treatment.

The type of cancer

Another important consideration when looking for a cancer doctor is to check the type of cancer you have. For example, if you are suffering from breast cancer, then a highly respected and recommended lung cancer specialist will not be able to make the cut. Therefore, it is important to ask about their specialty before you bring them onboard. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends or physician who can recommend a few names. At the same time, you can also refer to online profiles of oncologists to learn more about their area of specialization. In case you have a rare form of cancer, then a large cancer center may be able to help.

Talk to your doctor about clinical trials

Clinical trials are treatments that look at new brands and procedures that may prove to be more beneficial in treating your condition as compared to traditional approaches. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor and ask about clinical trials that are able to meet your needs.

Take second opinion

Even if you find the perfect professional, you should still get a second or third opinion. Don’t hesitate in asking another specialist. Some people worry that taking second opinion will offend their current oncologist. However, a thorough professional understands the requirement for a second opinion that can give you the confidence of being in safe hands. It also makes you feel more buoyant about the treatment plan laid out for you by your first doctor.

Tips To Find The Right Cancer Treatment Doctor

  • Seek recommendations from your primary care doctor regarding an oncologist. You can also consider checking out a doctor you may have heard of via word-of-mouth.
  • Refer to cancer support groups, either in person or online, to find doctors that treat your type of cancer.
  • You can also scour the online database of oncologists and find a list of names that operate in your area. Once you have a list, you can start researching each of these names in terms of experience, reputation, qualification, license etc.
  • Make sure that the doctor you choose is available as per your schedules so that you can seek their assistance when you feel unwell.
  • Visit them in person to check out their facilities and infrastructure. Don’t be disheartened if the doctor keeps you waiting a little longer as he finishes up his ongoing appointment. It is a good sign that he may be willing to give you the extra time too, if needed.

These are some practical and actionable tips that will help you find the Best Cancer Doctor in Mumbai who will guide you and heal you through your tumultuous condition. Make sure you have thoroughly verified the oncologist against these parameters and taken plenty of recommendations before you place your trust in their professional hands.

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