Benefits of Getting a Membership from PCCA for Compounding

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At times, patients cannot get the required medications from a retail pharmacy. It can happen in various situations; for example, pharmaceutical companies may stop producing certain medications due to their low demand. In such a situation, patients who need the same medication approach a compounding pharmacy, such as Aurora Compounding, to get compound drugs for their treatments. Moreover, PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) was established to help patients who may need compound medications. It is also a privilege for compounding pharmacies to get a membership from PCCA for compounding.

Why Do Compounding Pharmacies Rely on PCCA for Compounding?

PCCA was established after realizing the need of some patients for compound drugs. Besides, mass-produced medicines do not prove effective sometimes to help patients recover from certain health problems. Nevertheless, PCCA created the base for compounding, that is, a network of pharmacists with a commitment to meet the individual needs of patients. There are also certain benefits for compounding pharmacies to acquire membership from PCCA. Here they are:

Unmatched Quality Control and Assurance: 

The Quality Control department of PCCA assures the quality of chemicals it receives from its members, whether received or repackaged. Similarly, it assures the quality of chemicals it sells. PCCA has a strict policy on Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Moreover, the Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel of PCCA monitor chemicals the time they ship. For the same reason, PCCA is a highly reliable organization for compounding pharmacies to get a membership.

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In addition, the dedicated QC lab of PCCA performs as many qualitative analyses on each chemical. Plus, it reviews the results and specifications of the Certificate of analysis. If the products compromise quality in any regard with inspection, PCCA rejects it. The inspection of incoming materials are of the prime importance for PCCA for quality and compliance with accepted standards.

Good Manufacturing Practices and Regulations: 

PCCA is a distributor and repackager of active and non-active pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmacy compounding; FDA and DEA have registered it. Moreover, the FDA and DEA inspect PCCA as a licensed company in the state of Texas and other states that requires a license. PCCA adheres to good manufacturing practices and regulations as a registered company. It also makes PCCA a prestigious organization for compounding.

PCCA Also Educates Its Members: 

Getting a membership from PCCA for compounding means compounding pharmacies also get the privilege to learn compounding techniques. PCCA renders hands-on compounding courses in in-house training laboratories. In other words, it offers pharmacists and pharmacies a forum for learning novel innovations in compounding unique dosage forms. The same courses also include the discussion of quality and safety procedures, in addition to legal issues and marketing techniques.

PCCA also manages Accreditation for Pharmacy Education or ACPE-accredited continuing education programs. It benefits pharmacists and physicians via opportunities to earn continuing education credit and practice compounding techniques as per USP and standards. Plus, it aids them in learning effective methods of building patient and practitioner relationships over and above network with colleagues.

Pharmacy Consulting: 

Pharmacy consulting is another benefit of joining PCCA for pharmacists. When pharmacists join PCCA, they gain access to staff, including consultant pharmacists, pharmaceutical chemists, and training personnel. On average, the Pharmacy Consulting department of PCCA answers more than 600 consulting calls daily from member pharmacists who ask technical questions. Technical questions that PCCA members ask relate to preparing compound medications for patients.

PCCA members and consultants have access to a database of more than 12,000 proprietary formulas. Furthermore, those proprietary formulas are pre-tested with fine chemicals and undergo reviewing and updating regularly. In addition, PCCA staff draw upon a library of over 800 pharmacy and medical references. PCCA staff pharmacists also take part in ongoing ACPE-accredited training and education courses. It aids them in helping prescribers alongside patients.

These are the benefits for compounding pharmacies to get a membership from the PCCA. Besides, PCCA offers excellent customer service to its member on every level. PCCA ensures it answers a variety of questions concerning challenging and unique compounds that its members ask. Thus, acquiring membership from PCCA is undoubtedly a privilege for compounding pharmacies.


Sometimes, mass-produced drugs do not prove effective for patients. When it happens, patients have to approach a compounding pharmacy to get compound drugs to meet their individual needs for medications. Besides, PCCA has led the foundation of many compounding pharmacies you see today. There are also various benefits of acquiring a membership from PCCA for compounding. Here they are:

  1. Unmatched Quality Control and Assurance of Compound Drugs
  2. Adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice and Regulations
  3. Get Education Concerning Novel compound Techniques and Compound Drug Unique Dosage Forms
  4. Get Answers from the Pharmacy Consulting Department of PCCA to Prepare Compound Medications

These benefits encourage compounding pharmacies to get a membership from PCCA & prepare safe and high-quality compound medications for patients.

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