7 Alternative Workouts You Should Try Without Gym Membership

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We have published this post to discuss about Alternative Workouts You Should Try Without Gym. When it comes to physical fitness, gym is always the top choice of people. People are getting health conscious these days; workout and eating healthy food are necessary.

However, not all are fond of going to the gym and using various gym equipment. Alternative Workouts You Should Try Without Gym from your end for health and fitness.

Sometimes, the membership is too costly. Usually, free trial only last for three days and if you are serious about getting a good shape, you will be forced to enroll. This should not be the scenario.

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You can create your own exercise plan to follow without spending too much money and you’re free to do them whenever and wherever.

Alternative Workouts You Should Try Without Gym

Alternative Workouts Without Gym
Alternative Workouts Without Gym

1. Swimming

This activity is not only for flaunting your beautiful body nor the most flattering swimsuit you have. Swimming for half-hour a few days a week will burn 207 calories and it will help in toning and strengthening your muscles and give you the opportunity to work on your golden tan.

It also aids in recovering from an injury or have certain conditions, like obesity or arthritis that make other forms of exercise difficult or painful. Swimming is also a great way to prevent osteoporosis.

2. Running

It burns a lot of calories, giving you great leg muscles. And what’s best about it. You can do it just about anywhere. Most parks have running and jogging trails for people who opt to go around the neighbourhood for daily dose of workout and fresh air.

You can run first thing in the morning before going to work. Also, you can do it after work, at night time so you can have a good sleep afterwards.

3. Walking

Walking is a less intense workout compared to running, but still gives you good cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits in the long run. If you want to have companion when doing it, you can start asking your friends or family to join you. Lunch break can be used for walking as well. On weekends, you can increase the time for walking, and intensify the pace by running up and down a set of steps.

4. Rock climbing

For adrenaline junkies, rock climbing it recommended. It offers unpredictability kind of workout. A one hour session could burn up to 800 calories. It also helps in toning your upper body.

5. Hula Hoop

For cheaper but fun and simple workout, using hula hoops is a good way to burn calories. If you do hula hoops for 30 minutes, it will burn a whooping 216 calories. You can move your hips from side to side. Do this move as long as you can, starting the hoop up again as soon as you mess up.

6. Stair running

It can be a bit of torture but it really burns a lot of calories, providing a toned legs and muscles. The challenge of running in stairs will burn 422 calories in a half hour, and will definitely shape up your butt.

There is a proper technique when doing it and it is essential to use them when you’re running up and down stairs in order to protect your knees and joints from pain and injury. Remember to start with a walk before anything else; it will warm you up before the intense workout.

7. Biking

Instead of using your car or getting into a bus, why not use a bicycle going to work. Enjoyable, painless and helpful to environment. However, make sure that you live within biking distance to your job and don’t need access to your car during your workday.

Biking aids in clearing your mind for the day and one of the best ways to unwind. It burns 297 calories for every half hour you spend on your bike.

The main point here is finding an exercise solution that works without the need of getting a gym membership.

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