Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is supposed to be the most frequently diagnosed cancer affecting women. However, breast cancer is not as deadly as the lungs cancer if statistics were to be believed. Breast cancer is, therefore, the second leading reason behind cancer-associated deaths in women. The good news is that breast cancer treatments are becoming better and better in this advanced era thanks to cutting-edge treatment methods and state-of-the-art facilities. Today, you are more aware of the effective ways of preventing breast cancer. Here are a few easy and effective tips that should be lowering the risk of the deadly disease called breast cancer.

Keep Your Weight under Control
It is quite natural for you to be overweight but you must essentially take up the challenge of maintaining a healthy and ideal weight as per your height and age. Avoid being overweight as that could be triggering a host of cancers including the breast cancer, particularly, after your menopause.

Stay Physically Active
Exercise is the best way of staying physically active and fit. Women who indulge in performing exercises every day for at least, half an hour, are physically active and are at a relatively lower risk of getting breast cancer. Exercising regularly is surely the most effective way of keeping your weight under control.

Remember Screening Saves Lives
Though there have been controversies, you must opt for screening, because it has been proved beyond doubt that mammography, as an effective breast cancer screening method, has demonstrated the fact that it saves lives. It would not be able to prevent cancer but it can effectively help in the early detection of cancer when it is in the most treatable stage. You could start your mammograms at the age of 40. You could consider opting for yearly mammograms. You must speak to your physician and seek his advice about what is best for you at this juncture. Get all your diagnostic tests done.

Avoid Alcohol & Have a Balanced Meal
It has been discussed that moderate consumption of alcohol could be good for your heart if you are an older adult. But studies have revealed that consumption of alcohol even in lower levels could be boosting the breast cancer risks. If you are not in the habit of drinking, there is absolutely no need to start drinking. If you are in the habit of having alcohol but moderately, you may not be alarmed unnecessarily. But if you are a heavy drinker, you must try to cut down or quit drinking altogether.

Quit Smoking
Smoking is surely an unhealthy habit. It not only lowers the overall quality of life, it also boosts the risk of acquiring stroke, heart diseases, and around 15 different types of deadly cancers including the breast cancer. Moreover, it causes foul breath, wrinkles, and bad teeth. You must stay motivated to remain smoke-free or get the motivation now to quit smoking forever.

Conclusion: Remember Breastfeeding Is Good
Breastfeeding could prove to be beneficial if done for one year or even more. It would be lowering the chances of acquiring breast cancer. Moreover, you must be fully aware of its great health benefits associated with your child.

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