How To Get Healthy & Attractive Skin Like Models!

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With our busy routines, we often don’t have time to take care of our skin. Though you might not have time for intensive skin care, but you still can achieve a fairly healthy skin. Good lifestyle and healthy skin help in reversing the aging process and make you strong.
So, if you are in a quest to achieve healthy skin, nothing could be better than these 5 tips:

Protect Yourself From Sun

Protecting yourself from harmful sun rays is necessary if you want a healthy skin glow. Extensive sun exposure can lead to wrinkles and acne; this is why it is necessary to use sunscreen. Moreover, prevent staying under the sun rays for long period especially when its affect is high during the day. Other than using sunscreen, you should also take care of the clothes you wear during the scorching summer season. Long pants, hats and sunglasses will help from unwanted sunrays.

Quit Smoking

If you don’t smoke, that’s good but with the increase in smokers all over the world, its effects on skin are alarming. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels of the outermost skin layer, which depletes the supply of oxygen. Smoking can further destroy the elasticity of your skin, which may lead to wrinkles, acne and fast aging. The only way to prevent extremely harmful consequences is to quit smoking or to stay away from those who do.

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Proper Skin Care

Wanting healthy skin and not doing anything to achieve it isn’t going to help. Use moisturizer, do proper cleansing when necessary and get rid of hard soaps at once. Treat your skin gently and prevent those things which you no reap negative results.

It is good if you use exfoliating face mask, because nothing could be better than flushing out all the grime and dirt from your skin. It not only cleanses your skin, but closes the pores that allow dirt to go inside and restricts excessive oil from irritating your skin.

A Healthy Diet

Believe it or not, but a large part of your skin’s health depend on what you eat. Load of junk food, take outs, and high cholesterol foods that are a part of your diet can be one of the reasons why you suffer severe acne breakouts. Whole grain, lean poteins, fruits, and vegetables are all needed by your body.

Without balanced proportion of mineral in your meals, you can’t stay healthy at all. Furthermore, proper hydration is also mandatory for keeping your skin fresh. Drinking adequate amount of water, especially during summers, helps your skin a lot.

Keeping a control of your diet and drinking sufficient water needed by human body is your gateway to healthy skin and body.

stress free vacationDe-Stress

Stress is an ultimate killer; not only of your mental health but of your physical health too. It might not be noticeable at start, but the amount of havoc it can cause is irreversible after a certain period. Especially, when it comes to skin, you really have to let go of all the pent-up frustration and worries. Find healthy activities like yoga and meditation to help ease the stress.

Anushka is a Fashion Model. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about topics related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal.

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