From spending less to getting organized and losing weight, many people make very appealing plans and resolutions every year. But according to research only 8 percent of us succeed in this. For example many often start a workout program but bow out even before Easter. So what is the best way to do it? You can enhance your chances of success by following these 5 steps;

#1. Create a Plan

Before you embark on any weight loss journey, please ask yourself these questions.

A. When will you work out? Find at least 3 convenient days and stick to them.
B. How or what type of workout will you do?
Go for a work out that you enjoy. Just choose a workout that works for you and don’t worry about what other people are doing. There are many activities that you can choose from: tennis, basketball, dancing, golf, swimming, weightlifting, running and cycling.
C. How many hours or minutes will you be working out? You can start with 10 minutes and then slowly progress up to an hour or so per session.

#2. Be Realistic

Although setting weight loss objectives is a good idea, many weight lose goals are usually very impractical. Make sure your goals are feasible and realistic. For instance a goal to shed off over 5 lbs by April is both achievable and reasonable. But a goal to lose 50 lbs by April is potentially unsafe and unrealistic. Just start slow and build a strong fitness foundation and then improve upon that as you become more fit.

#3. Take it Easy

It feels great to assert that you will be doing something new to lose weight. But if the new thing cannot be maintained or achieved, it will remain just that: An assertion. Instead of trying to tackle everything at once, you will be more successful if you go for measurable and modest improvements that can be maintained over time. Think of your goals as a long-term commitment. For example instead of training 6 days every week, just start with 3 or instead if engaging in different physical activities, just start with a 15 minute walk 3 days per week.

#4. Track your body fat percentage

Each week try to check and confirm if you are making any progress. For example you can use a body fat scale to track your body fat percentage every few days. Body fat analyzers like the Omron handheld fat loss monitor use Bioelectrical Impedance analysis to monitor your fat where a harmless electrical current is passed through the body and the amount of resistance it gets relates to how fat free a person is. Rigorously and continuously checking your progress will not only help you to commit to your objectives but also help you to stay motivated.

#5. Visualize Your Success

Take a few minutes and imagine what it would be like when you lose weight. Imagine what it will feel like fitting your favorite jeans again. You will also be fit which will enhance your confidence in social functions and at work. If your objective is to enhance your abs, think about how less tired you will be after sitting at your desk the whole day. Envision your success in detail and set a realistic intention for yourself.

Bottom Line

Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way in helping you accomplishing your weight loss goals this year. In addition, these tips will also help enhance other areas of your life. Just set realistic goals, track your fat percentage and envision your success and nothing will stop you from achieving your weight loss goals.