Why you should take matcha! Below are some of the health benefits of matcha. Matcha is a form of green tea that has been finely grounded. Unlike the normal green tea, it undergoes special growing and processing. Its plants are shade-grown for about three weeks before they are harvested.

The types of green tea leaves used to make matcha contain a lot more thaa nine and chlorophyll and that why it’s shade grown. During processing, its stems and veins are removed. Since time immemorial, this type of tea has been used in tea ceremonies especially among the Japanese. In the modern society, matcha is used for flavoring and dyeing different kinds of foods and drinks.

What most people may not realize is that by incorporating matcha in their meals, they get so many health benefits.

Protects One From Chronic Diseases
Match is a hub of antioxidants. A research by Tuffs University showed that matcha contains twenty times as many antioxidants as is found in blueberries or pomegranates. You may be wondering what this fuss about antioxidants is all about.

Well, antioxidants are the chemical compounds (occur naturally), which help the body to fight against chronic illnesses and aging. When you take sufficient amounts of matcha, you equip you body with a powerful mechanism to fight diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer and heart diseases.

EGCG, a type of polyphenol (antioxidant) found in matcha has been shown to slow/ halt the growth of cancer cells while at the same time boosting the body’s metabolism. EGCG also protects your skin from DNA and cell damage often triggered by environmental factors. Matcha will thus act as a natural skin brightener and protector.

Helps in Relaxation
In the early days, the Japanese used to drink matcha during their meditation times to improve concentration and focus. This way, they were able to remain calm and alert throughout the sessions. Research done on matcha recently showed that it contains L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that promotes relaxation and well being in a person.

It does so by controlling the normal functioning of the brain. L-Theanine is found in green tea but is found in greater amounts (five times more) in matcha. The side effects of caffeine (found in green tea) are counteracted by this amino acid. This way you stay focused, stress free and are able to learn better.

A Remedy For Weight Loss
First of all, we have seen that matcha helps reduce stress, a known cause of increased belly fat and appetite. This means that your weight is kept in check. Another thing is that it helps the body burn for times more calories than the normal thermo genesis.

According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those people who drink match have their calories burning rate improve from 10% to around 40%. Unlike other quick fixes used for weight loss, matcha doesn’t raise blood pressure or heart rate. You are thus guaranteed that you will lose weight naturally in a healthy manner with no side effects.

A Perfect Detoxifier
If you are looking to detoxify your body, then matcha might be the way to go. Chlorophyll helps in removing heavy metals and harmful chemicals found in the body. Considering that matcha contains more chlorophyll than any other green teas, it becomes the most powerful daily detox that you should incorporate in your diet. It will help cleanse any harmful elements found in the body. You can take it first thing in the morning, before taking your breakfast.

Boosts Energy
Taking matcha in the morning boosts your energy for the rest of the day. The good news is that this energy boost does not come from caffeine but from other numerous properties found in matcha. It will also help you endure most of the situations that you may encounter in your daily activities. Note also that matcha is an arsenal of minerals and vitamins that you may not get in most foods that you consume. It is thus a great deal for you.

Matcha tea will come loaded with so many health benefits as mentioned above. However, important to note is that there is a concern that it contains lead (just like other green teas) and thus its intake should be moderated. According to the ConsumerLab.com, the amount of lead in matcha (especially that grown in China) is thirty times more than that found in normal green tea. In this case, ensure that you don’t take too much of this tea.