4 Easy Ways to Take Herbal Powders

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Herbs are one of the oldest means of staying healthy and taking care of your health. Every civilization has used herbs to cure diseases, illnesses and to promote well-being. People used herbs for everything — flavoring food, dressing wounds, improving moods and bringing down fever.

Even today herbalists and herbal powder manufacturers follow these old recipe and formulations to create medicines and other remedies.

Herbalists today offer herb powders in many forms, such as:

  • Dried herbs
  • Herbal powder
  • Herbal syrups
  • Herbal cream, ointment, lip balm or lotion
  • Herbal capsules/pills
  • Herbal oils

How to take herbal powders

Herbal shots

How about taking a shot that is actually beneficial and not just a party starter? This is a concentrated way of preparing herbal remedies. A herbal shot concentrates the benefits for a quick intake. Because we reduce the dilution of the powder, it is one of the most potent ways of taking herbal powder.

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To make the shot, put the required quantity in a shot glass. Use a little water to make a paste (this will help the powder to dissolve). Now fill the shot glass with water. You can also use juice for this purpose. Juice is sometimes preferred to neutralise the bitter taste of some herbal powder. Use a spoon to dissolve the herbal paste in the water. Drink up quickly, before the powder has the chance to settle at the bottom of the glass.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea by herbal powder manufacturers is one of the popular means of taking herbal concoctions and also one of the oldest. It helps you to get the most out of the herbal powder with some simple measures. In fact, for herbalists there is a favourite tea for every malady — form insomnia to indigestion. For instance, chamomile tea is known for its calming effects, peppermint tea helps in digestion, hibiscus tea has antiviral properties, echinacea tea boosts the immune system, while sage tea is great for brain health.

There are many other such beneficial herbal teas you can try. The process of making the tea is the same: bring water to boil. Add a teaspoon for the herbal powder. One teaspoon for 2-3 cups is sufficient. Let the powder steep in the boiled water. After about three minutes, sarin the liquid and drink it as you would any tea. You can also prepare a substantial batch and sip a bit throughout the day. But like everything, tea should also be taken in moderation.

Herbal smoothies

Adding herbal powder to your morning smoothie is one of the best way to start a busy day. These ‘superfood’ herbs are also the best way to boost the nutritional content of your morning food intake. Some herbs like ashwagandha also help in relaxing the muscles after a workout. The base of fruits also helps with the often bittersweet taste of some herbs.

To make the smoothie, start with the usual base of milk with fruits and nuts. You can add the herbal powder and whizz the mixture or just stir in the required powder. Drink up your smoothie for a fresh and healthy hit.

Herbal cordial

Herbal powders are very good when mixed with liquids because it releases the phytochemicals in the herbs. You can mix the herbal powder in your favourite cordial bootle for a quick drink when you need it. Alternatively, you can also mix it into your drink anytime you prepare one. Herbal powders can similarly be mixed into wine or fruit juices.

These are some easy recipes involving herbal powders. But before you prepare any of these, check the information on the herbal powder manufacturers. Look for organically sourced products from reliable manufacturers.

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