3 Ways To Protect Your Skin During the Winter

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Not only is it vital to your appearance, but it is also key to your health.

Moist, healthy skin protects your body from foreign germs and allergens, thereby aiding your immune system in fighting off sickness and infection.

There are three basic routines you can implement to keep skin healthy and fresh, and by implementing them you’ll not only look better, but you’ll also feel better.

1. Moisturize

Cold, dry air is your skin’s biggest enemy. As parched air steals the moisture from your skin, it can leave you with an ashy and scratchy appearing epidermis that is prone to breakage.

Do your skin a favor and avoid abusing it with chemicals that your body can absorb. Treat it with a skin care Memphis TN regimen for a natural glow that will have you ready to ditch sleeves all together so everyone can admire the radiant glow of the skin on your arms.

2. Humidify

Hot, dry air pouring out of your home’s central heating unit can wreak havoc on your skin. Still, you want to stay comfortable during the colder months, and that means staying warm.

Adding a humidifier to your home is not only beneficial to your skin, but it also aids in protecting your body from invasive and potentially dangerous pathogens.

3. Shorten Your Shower

Everyone loves a hot, relaxing shower, but did you know the hot water actually depletes your skin’s moisture barrier?

Experts therefore advise shortening your shower time and decreasing the water temperature. While hot water might feel better, in the long term, warm water is actually better.

Try adjusting the temperature to around 99 degrees Fahrenheit and shorten the time you spend in the water. If you shower more than once a day, winter is the season to stop this habit.

Even showering every other day will improve your skin’s protective barrier and appearance.

Your skin is key to warding off the potential health hazards lurking on surfaces and in the air when the temperature drops. Having healthy skin during the winter months and beyond requires that you give your skin the attention it deserves.

By following these three simple measures, you will be amply rewarded not only in beauty, but also in health.

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