3 Things Physical Therapy Can Help Treat

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Physical therapists cover a broad range of problems, from small things like balance to helping strengthen muscles during recovery from an injury. You may turn to physical therapy because you have exhausted all other options, and none have been successful at fixing your problem. You may also be debating having surgery due to an injury, but your doctor suggested trying physical therapy first.

If physical therapy has been suggested, you may want to know what its potential holds and how it will affect your problem. If you’re having trouble finding a physical therapist, ask around for referrals, or simply google a location near you (for example, physical therapy brandon fl). Below are some of the most common issues physical therapy aims to treat.


Pain can come in many forms and may have a frustratingly unknown cause. Physical therapy works to reduce or eliminate it through exercises that enable full joint movement and strengthen muscles in the problem area. Restoring your body to its healthiest form can be a more appealing option to opioids, which risk negative side effects and addiction.

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If an injury stems from an athletic accident, like a torn ACL, or a disease, like osteoarthritis, physical therapy may be suggested before surgery. Since it is far less intrusive and requires no recovery afterward, it may be the better option.

In cases where surgery was unavoidable, physical therapy may be needed to strengthen atrophied muscles and remobilize joints. It can be a necessary recovery method to get you back on your feet and functioning at 100%.

Stroke Recovery

A stroke can leave long-lasting impacts on your body, weakening parts of it and making everyday mobility a struggle. Physical therapy can build up your body’s strength and greatly improve your balance.

Whether you are recovering from a serious injury or simply having trouble being steady on your feet, physical therapy is worth exploring. You’ll always have options like surgery open to you, but if therapy works, you’ll be glad you tried it first.

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